Kylie Jenner: Fans Freak Out After She Reveals Her Ramen Recipe — See Tweets

Most of us know ramen as the microwaveable meal replacement from college, but to Kylie Jenner it's so much more than that -- it's a delicacy! The reality star took to Snapchat to reveal her number one noodle recipe, and fans hit the roof! Read some of their reactions below.

What’s not to love about instant ramen? It’s cheap, it’s easy, and it’s one of Kylie Jenner‘s, 18, favorites! Taking a break from fine dining establishments such as Nobu, the reality star chose a comfortable night in with the Japanese noodle dish. But just like everything else Kylie does, this ramen recipe was infused with her own personal flair! Mixed with butter, garlic powder, and an egg, Kylie snapped a picture of her dinner and asked fans for their feedback. Check out their responses.


As you can see, the LipKit creator received mixed reactions. Some people thought her recipe was boring, while others swear it’s the best creation since sliced bread. If there’s one thing Kylie’s got going for her is that she’s not a picky eater! Instant ramen provides zero nutritional value, and an insane amount of sodium — and yet, Kylie keeps her cooking passion alive by sharing different ingredients. For those of you with her app, you can check out more of her cooking tutorials. From beef sliders to candied yams, Kylie can do it all! She even celebrated Taco Tuesday back in March by inviting Karrueche Tran into her kitchen to help prepare shrimp tacos. YUM! We can’t wait to see what “Cooking With Kylie” will post next. Any requests? Desserts, maybe?

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Judging from past Snapchat stories, Kylie has a salient sweet tooth, and she’s known to cook up sugary snacks for her friends’ birthdays. BFF Jordyn Words received a cake from Kylie with a message that was actually borderline inappropriate for using the N-word! Being friends with Kylie has obvious benefits, including free makeup and daily puppy parties, but a special “cupcake delivery” tops the chart. Kylie loves her friends SO MUCH that she bakes mini cupcakes for them when they’re relaxing at her house and DELIVERS them to the TV room. We are currently organizing a petition to join Kylie’s possé.

HollywoodLifers, what would YOU like to see Kylie cook next? Post your requests below!

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