Kylie Jenner Calls Her Friend The N-Word On Offensive Birthday Cake? Pics

Uh oh. Did Kylie Jenner give her friend a birthday cake decorated with the N-word written on it? It might appear that way. We have the very offensive photos. Yikes! Kylie Jenner, 18, may have just pissed off a lot of people. Kylie's friend, Jordyn Woods, turned the big 1-8 herself recently and, to celebrate, she was given a cake with the words, "Happy birthday n---a" written on it. The cake is seen in a Snapchat video, in which Kylie, Jordyn and others are present, causing many to believe Kylie wrote the highly offensive caption herself. However, Kylie denied taking part in the cake, later posting a photo on Twitter, depicting a different (and not at all offensive) cake, which she claims to have made. So, what's the deal?

Kylie Jenner N Word Cake
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Jordyn herself clearly loved the cake, offensive script and all. In fact, she posted a photo of the baked good on her Instagram, with a smily face emoji as the caption.

The snapchat video shows the cake less clearly, however, you can definitely make it out, underneath the giant caption, “Happy birthday Jordy!!!” Obviously, since Kylie is seen standing next to Jordyn in the vid, many believed that she had a hand in the cake’s not-at-all-okay caption.

However, on Sept. 24, Kylie took to Twitter to clarify, posting a photo of a different cake that just read, “Happy birthday Jordyn.” She wrote alongside the photo, “My cute little cake to Jordyn the other day. The other one was not my gift .” See the Tweet below.

Oh, and it should be mentioned, along with the cake, Kylie also gifted Jordyn with a Mercedes, ya know, as all 18-year-olds get as a gift from their besties. Kylie posted a photo on Instagram of Jordyn next to a ribbon-clad car with the caption, “happy birthday jordyn. Thank you for being you. Most down to earth selfless human being! I hope you enjoy it.”

What do you think of the cake? Is it super offensive or just friends having fun?

— Casey Mink

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