Amber Heard Hanging With Ex-Girlfriend Tasya Van Ree After Split With Johnny Depp?

Did Amber Heard find a familiar shoulder to cry on after splitting from Johnny Depp? Her ex, Tasya Van Ree, posted an interesting picture of horse that hinted that she and Amber might be hanging out again. Really. Click to find out the details! It’s been only a few days since Amber Heard, 30, filed for divorce from her husband, Johnny Depp, 52, but has she already called up her ex, Tasya Van Ree, 40? Tasya dropped a four-legged clue that she and Amber may be spending time together following the split from the Black Mass star.

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Amber Heard Tasya Van Ree Hanging Out
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Tasya posted pictures of a horse to her Instagram account on May 24, just a few days after Amber’s divorce papers were filed. That alone wouldn’t be a big deal on its own, since Tasya is a noted photographer, one who mixes media to create a visual presentation. Well, Tasya might have mixed business with pleasure. One of the horses that Tasya photographed looks eerily similar to Arrow, the horse Johnny gave Amber!

Johnny bought Amber, a Texas native, a horse in 2012, according to E! Online. In that same year, Amber split with Tasya also in 2012, per the New York Daily News, after four years of dating, shortly after Johnny and his longtime girlfriend, Vanessa Paradis, called it quits. Johnny and Amber began dating in 2012, sparking a romance that would lead to an engagement in 2014, marriage in 2015, and an upcoming divorce in 2016.

During this emotional breakup with her husband, Amber may have gone out to the ranch to find some peace of mind. “Just standing here [by her] makes my blood pressure go down,” Amber said while visiting Arrow during a 2014 interview with W magazine. “When I’m in Los Angeles, I come ride her five times a week. No matter how crazy things get, Arrow will immediately get me back to normal.”

Riding Arrow five times a week might have helped Amber deal with her reportedly bitter relationship with Johnny’s family. While she was alive, Johnny’s mother, Betty Sue Palmer, had an ongoing feud with Amber and Johnny’s kids also allegedly “hated” her.

Yikes! Whether or not Amber is relying on solace from a former loved one, it’s good to know she can find her center, thanks to Arrow. She’s going to need to keep her blood pressure down as she and her husband work out the details of their divorce. Since Johnny and Amber didn’t have a prenup, they’re going to have to work out if she’ll get any of his $400 million dollar fortune.

Do you think Amber is hanging out with her ex, HollywoodLifers? Or do you think that she and Tasya should keep their distance during this emotional time?