Louis Tomlinson & Briana Jungwirth: Is Nasty Custody Battle Over Son Freddie Finished?

One Directioners, you're going to love this! Briana Jungwirth's cousin, Ashley Jessica spilled a lot of tea about Briana's relationship with Louis. There is no drama. In fact, the two are doing great and just working on co-parenting, according to her. You have to hear what she said! Everything is going fantastic in the Louis Tomlinson, 24, family! Briana Jungwirth's, 23 cousin, Ashley Jessica spoke about the two's relationship and even slammed those negative reports about their custody case for baby, Freddie, 3 months. We love when family's come together!

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“There’s nothing negative between them – they’re co-parenting and doing a great job,” Ashley told Now! Magazine . “She’s not [demanding $20,000 a month from Louis]. People believe these things which is why we all get so much hate. She’s asking for a reasonable amount and is living a good life.”

And even better – Briana and the One Direction sensation are amazing parents! “Briana is an amazing mum, Freddie is incredibly handsome and he looks exactly like Louis. [Louis sees Freddie] every single day. He’s a really good dad and is in constant communication with Briana,” she continued. Despite the custody rumors, we had no doubt that Briana and Freddie would be amazing co-parents. The celebrity stylist also said that Louis was there holding Briana’s hand the entire time during his birth. And even after, they were always texting on the phone updating each other about Freddie’s every move, as we EXCLUSIVELY told you.

But as far as their family drama goes, sometimes misunderstandings happen, especially when your personal life is constantly in the media. “I think [Louis’ family] read everything on the internet that’s written about us and think it’s true. They definitely have the wrong interpretation of me. In a perfect world I would [bring both families together]. Maybe I’ll be the icebreaker one day? Miracles happen and Freddie is a perfect example of that,” Ashley said about their family drama.

Ashley also opened up about her feelings on Louis’ new relationship with Danielle Campbell, 21. “Feelings are feelings and you can’t help that. You love who you love – it’s just bad timing. Yes, it did hurt us, but life is life. I saw them in a hotel when I was working [as a makeup artist]. They were staying there and Louis’ mum shouted: ‘What are you doing here?’ It was awkward,” she said. OMG! That is pretty awkward. While she may be more accepting of the new woman in Louis’ life, she didn’t spill whether Briana is comfortable with Danielle being around Freddie just yet. Hopefully this is a step in the right direction!

In this day and age, who doesn’t have family feuds? Sure they may fight and yell from time to time, but we’re glad to see that nothing is coming in between this Tomlinson family. As for them getting back together, Ashley says, “who knows? They have their own relationship that I could never explain to you. She’s my family and I love her dearly and I only want the best for her, whatever that may be.” We’re sure right now it’s all about baby Freddie!

HollywoodLifers, what do you think of Louis and Briana’s co-parenting?

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