Briana Jungwirth Refusing To Let Louis Tomlinson’s Girlfriend Near Freddie — Report

The drama is far from over between Louis Tomlinson and his old fling, Briana Jungwirth. It seems there is trouble in custody paradise over baby Freddie and it's not in the singer's favor! Briana reportedly does not want her son near Louis' new girlfriend, Danielle Campbell! Briana Jungwirth reportedly wants to work out a solid custody agreement with Louis Tomlinson, 24, over their newborn son Freddie, but there's one big problem -- his new girlfriend. A new report claims that the One Direction singer's new arm candy, Danielle Campbell, 21, isn't allowed near his son -- per Briana.

Briana Jungwirth Louis Tomlinson's Custody Battle
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What mommy wants, mommy just may get! Briana is reportedly deeply concerned about her baby daddy’s new gal and does not want Danielle near Freddie, sources revealed to TMZ. Briana thinks that if Louis has his gf around Freddie, the one-month-old will get confused during a very critical bonding period. The singer is reportedly only allowed to see his little one at Bri’s house, even though he desperately wants to be able to have the infant in his own home. The sources also claim that Louis DOES want Danielle around — but if Briana gets her way, this won’t be happening.

You can’t blame Briana for being protective. She and Louis are both young, and will probably have a few more relationships before settling down for the long haul with a significant partner. So, why get Freddie involved and attached to someone new whom may not be around for that long. Then again, if Briana is just trying to suck more money out of Louis, that is just downright disgusting. Whatever it is, if they don’t settle soon, we think this custody battle will wind up being a never-ending disaster!

As previously reported, Danielle is amazed by how wonderful of a father Louis is. “For Danielle, it’s just been absolutely amazing watching Louis as a father. His level of commitment and love has made her fall even deeper in love with him, and she continues to be very supportive of Louis,” an insider tells EXCLUSIVELY. “She understands that his main priority is his baby boy and she gets it. At first, it was a little challenging, but in the end she sees how happy Louis is and how he’s really evolved into an even more wonderful person.”

HollywoodLifers — do you think Briana has a point? Should Louis keep Danielle away from Freddie? Tell us below!

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