Kim Kardashian & Kanye West: Are His Wild Twitter Rants Hurting Their Marriage? The Truth

Kanye West's latest antics are crazy even for him! In a matter of days, the rapper has gone on a number of Twitter rants calling out everything from Taylor Swift to his alleged $53 million debt —but has all of his controversial ranting finally taken its toll on his marriage to Kim Kardashian? We've got the EXCLUSIVE details on it here! Another day, another Kanye West Twitter rant! That seems to be the motto we're living by these days anyways as the 38-year-old rapper continues to take Twitter by storm with one explosive tirade after the next. It's entertaining for us sure, but has his controversial tweeting finally taken its toll on his marriage to Kim Kardashian? We've got the EXCLUSIVE details on how she really feels about his incessant Twitter rants below!

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“Kim doesn’t know Kanye any other way, so she just sees this as normal behavior,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY.  “She’s jaded because everything she has gone through personally and professionally, with or without him, is there for the whole world to see and she considers all of it just normal behavior.”

Normal or not (and let’s face it, it’s definitely not), Kim isn’t letting her husband’s controversial rants get in the way of their relationship. “She is going to continue to support him for all that he does,” our source added. “She loves it, and will always support him.” Talk about being crazy in love!

Still, while their marriage may be as rock solid as ever, Kanye has definitely caused more than a few problems for himself in recent weeks as a result of his reckless tweeting. For starters, who could forget about that nasty feud between him and Wiz Khalifa and (his ex) Amber Rose, which erupted after Kanye bashed the rapper and mentioned the couple’s son Sebastian, 23 months, tweeting, “You wouldn’t have a child if it wasn’t for me,” and “You own waves???? I own your child!!!!”

While the trio did eventually make up thanks in large part to Kim’s efforts, it unfortunately wasn’t the end of Kanye’s social media drama. Within a matter of weeks, the “Wolves” rapper reignited his longtime feud with Taylor Swift after releasing his new song “Famous,” in which he raps about he “made that b***h famous” and wants to have sex with her. When word got out that Tay Tay was far from happy with his “misogynistic” lyrics, Kanye once again took to Twitter, this time to unleash another multi-tweet rant, in which he not only insisted that Tay knew about the lyrics and thought it was “funny,” but that she was also the one who gave him the idea for it! Judging by Taylor’s response to the accusations during her acceptance speech at the 2016 Grammy Awards on Feb. 15, that too did not go over well with her.

Oddly enough, things have only continued to get more bizarre from there, as Kanye has continued to go on rants in which he’s called out “white publications” for talking about “black music,” begged Mark Zuckerberg for $1 billion and claimed that he was in $53 million dollars worth of personal debt. Let’s hope that Kim is able to take some sense into him into the coming days — if not for his sake, than for her own!

HollywoodLifers, what do you think about Kanye’s controversial Twitter rants? Is he being crazy or just plain honest? Sound off below!