Kanye West: Is He Really $53 Million In Debt? — Insider Info

Okay, seriously, WHAT is going on with Kanye West?! The rapper claims to be $53 million in debt, but HollywoodLife.com has EXCLUSIVELY learned that's not the case at all. There's definitely a reason behind this shocker and other statements he's made recently, though. Get the scoop here! Has Kanye West, 38, gone absolutely crazy?! In a series of Twitter rants over the last week, the rapper has made some pretty shocking revelations about himself -- including that he's allegedly millions of dollars in debt. But HollywoodLife.com has the EXCLUSIVE scoop on what's really going on here.

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“Kanye is not $53 million in debt. He has several businesses and investments, from his clothing line to restaurants to music worth millions,” an insider tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY. “He is a master in marketing and is doing everything he can to generate interest in his album, Tidal and his clothing line. From claiming Bill Cosby is innocent, to dissing Taylor Swift, to suggesting that he’s running for president and making wild claims about being in debt, Kanye is doing exactly what he set out to do — create tremendous buzz and interesting in his business endeavors. He will make millions and millions more from all this attention.”

Indeed, it’s a majorly big time in Kanye’s career, as he released his album, The Life of Pablo, and Season 3 of his Yeezy fashion line right after each other, so it makes sense that he’d want to get people talking. The claims that he’s in such major debt are shocking and hard to believe considering his successful career, but he’s really taken things to the next level with the storyline, even going as far as asking billionaire Mark Zuckerberg for a $1 BILLION investment to help fund his projects. Wonder if that includes the lake Kanye and Kim Kardashian are building in their backyard? 

With the Grammys coming up on Feb. 15, many are wondering if Yeezy will show up to the show unannounced or as a surprise guest –so far, he has not been confirmed as attending. However, he’s been making major headlines for calling out Taylor Swift, 25, in his song “Famous,” and she’s set to have a HUGE night, with a performance and seven nominations, at the event, and with those two, you never know what the drama will bring!

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