Duke Williams: Mia Khalifa Puts NFL Player On Blast For Multiple Twitter Messages

Drake wasn't the only one! Mia Khalifa has no problem calling people out for constantly sliding into her DM's. Buffalo Bills safety Duke Williams learned that the hard way when the porn star put him on blast for doing just that via Twitter. Well, this is embarrassing. NFL player Duke Williams, 24, had his private messages to Mia Khalifa, 22, made public on July 12. No, he wasn't hacked, the popular porn star was the one behind the very public social media shaming. Why? Simply because Mia was tired of Duke's constant messages and her method to get him to stop was to go the extreme.

Mia Khalifa Duke Williams Messages
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“Warning: Trespassers in my DM’s will be shot and hung out to dry in public,” Mia tweeted along with a screenshot of the messages Duke sent her. This is definitely one way to tell someone to leave you alone. The Buffalo Bills safety got quite the surprise after spending months trying to get in touch with Mia. Instead of responding to Duke’s most recent invitation to go to Miami in the way he had probably hoped for, the 22-year-old porn star confirmed she was already in the city, but with her boyfriend.

Unfortunately for Duke, that wasn’t the end of the humiliation. Once she finished responding, Mia decided to publicly shame the NFL player for his messages by taking a screenshot and putting it on Twitter. Ouch. But don’t worry Duke, you’re not the only one Mia has called out for trying to get her attention. A very famous celebrity — who’s name rhymes with ‘rake’ has been publicly shamed as well.

Mia Khalifa Calls Out Drake For Trying To Hook Up With Her

Although Mia didn’t necessarily name Drake, 28, as the person who tried to hook up with her through an Instagram direct message, it’s pretty clear she’s talking about him. In an interview with CBS Miami late January 2015, the popular porn star was asked if any famous faces have ever contacted her to hook up. Mia said she wouldn’t reveal any names, but when asked to choose a word the celebrity’s name rhymed with, she said ‘rake.’ Coincidence or not?

What do you think, HollywoodLifers? Was Mia’s Twitter shaming harsh or did Duke deserve it?

— Michelle Phi


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