Mia Khalifa: Porn Star Calls Out Drake For Wanting To Hook Up With Her

Oops! During a recent interview, Mia Khalifa revealed that a rapper whose name rhymes with 'rake' -- ahem, looking at YOU, Drake -- tried hitting her up on Instagram once. Mia Khalifa, 21, may have just put Drake, 28, on major blast. While the new "it girl" in porn refused to reveal the rapper by name, she revealed that his name rhymed with "rake" -- and, to make matters worse, she doesn't have anything nice to say about the experience. Ouch!

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Mia Khalifa Calls Out Drake
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Mia Khalifa Blasts Drake For Trying To Hook Up

I guess not everyone is looking for a piece of Drizzy.

The most searched for porn star on all of PornHub claimed that a celebrity whose name rhymed with “rake” once tried hitting her up on Instagram during an interview with CBS Miami. So, how many celebrity names rhyme with rake? Pretty much only one: Drake.

When Mia was asked which famous people have tried contacting her, and she said she would “never reveal that” because it would be rude. But, when prompted to give a word that a celebrity name rhymes with, she chose rake.

“On Instagram, but, nevertheless, it was flattering, but, um, his intentions were obviously clear,” Mia said through giggles. “It was so cringe worthy, the whole thing was cringe worthy.”

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Mia also revealed that she wasn’t interested because he’s not Eddie Vedder. Eek!

Mia Jokes About The Picture ‘Rake’ Sent

As the interview continued, and the radio host prodded Mia for more information, he joked about how the celebrity she means “may or may not be a little bit whiny.”

Of course he’s referring to the ongoing joke among music fan that Drake is “whiny.” The radio host also joked that hitting Mia up on Instagram was “such a Rake thing to do.” Ha!

“I imagine the picture he sent in the message was just him laying on the bed shirtless, kinda like sad looking,” the host said to Mia as she burst into laughter. “I’m right, aren’t I?” he asked.

“Halfway there,” Mia said, still laughing.

Poor Rake!

You can listen to Mia’s full interview HERE, and heads up — the Rake conversation starts around the 2:30 mark.

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — Do you think Mia is definitely talking about Drake? Would you have shot him down if he hit you up on Instagram? Comment below!

— Lauren Cox

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