Big Sean & Ariana Grande: He Raves About Her ‘Billion Dollar’ Privates

On Big Sean's new track, 'Stay Down,' he raps about having hot sex with girlfriend Ariana Grande, and even calls out one of her very expensive, um, body parts. Click inside to LISTEN! Big Sean, 26, isn't afraid to let everyone know exactly how he feels about Ariana Grande, 21, and their sexy private life. For the second time the rapper has dropped some seriously honest and totally explicit lyrics about his girlfriend, and you have to hear the full verse about her "billion dollar" vagina!

Big Sean: Ariana Grande’s ‘Billion Dollar P*ssy’ In ‘Stay Down’

Hey, at least it’s a compliment, right? So long as things stay good with Big Sean and Ariana, it’s probably safe to assume he’ll continue to blast private details about their romance. But who’s complaining?

In “Stay Down” off of his newly released album, Dark Sky Paradise, Big Sean really goes off about having sex with Ariana and how much he really enjoys it. And yes, he really, really enjoys it.

Check out the explicit lyrics about Ariana below:

I ain’t even gonna lie

I got a million dollar chick

With a billion dollar p*ssy

Every time I come I swear to God I feel like I be rich

Wow! When asked about the lyric by Rolling Stone, Big Sean simply said, “Yeah, that line is awesome.” But, when asked how Ariana felt about the lyric, Big Sean shared that he doesn’t have to get her approval, and that she is super supportive of his music and his new album.

Guess it’s safe to say she doesn’t mine people knowing about her expensive assets!

Ariana & Big Sean’s Dirty & Flirty Romance

Interestingly enough, Big Sean isn’t the only one who likes to reveal the sexy details of their romance to everyone else. Ariana has fun with it, too!

On March 7, the singer shared a super cute photo of her and Big Sean with the caption, “W my baby in the D #detroit #duh #NottheonlyDtho #what #gottagobye.” Say what?

Naughty girl, Ari!

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— Lauren Cox

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