Lady Gaga Bikini Pictures — Shows Off 30 Pound Weight Loss In Sexy Suit

It looks like someone got their bikini body back! Even after defending her previous weight gain it seems like the pop star decided to slim down after all. Lady Gaga was seen vacationing with friends in Mexico this week, where the 27-year-old superstar flaunted her smaller physique. After a 30 pound weight gain last year Gaga is out and about showing off her trim and toned frame. But why did Gaga lose the weight after defending herself against the haters earlier? Is she flip-flopping on her "I don't care what anyone thinks" attitude?

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Lady Gaga’s Bikini Body

The Queen of Pop is known for having her own unique image and not caring what other people think. Her fans, better known as “little monsters,” look to her for inspiration and see her as a strong symbol of hope in the LGBT community. Naturally, when Gaga put on about 30 pounds last year she didn’t care what everyone was saying. TMZ reported that in an interview with Stylist magazine Gaga said, “I don’t really care if [people] think I’m fat, because, quite honestly, I did gain about 30 pounds.” So why was Gaga seen looking 30 pounds lighter in a white floral bikini recently? Her big floppy hat and sunglasses hid her from the sun, but not from the paparazzi!

Lady Gaga Weight Loss 2013:

TMZ thinks her new figure is a result of the hip surgery Gaga had a few months ago. Regardless of the cause, her new bod is amazing inspiration for those who are tying to get into shape!

What do you think? Did Gaga drop the pounds because of all the haters or was it for health reasons? Either way, we think she looks great in her bikini!

— Jennifer Crawford

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