‘Sister Wives’ Kody Brown Threatens Meri: I’m Going To Have More Kids

Kody Brown is done with being Mr. Nice Guy about Meri's babymaking indecision. In last night's, Nov.26th, episode he tells her -- I'm having more kids with or without you! Kody Brown doesn't think 17 children with his four wives Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn are enough, and he let Meri -- just the mother of one -- know that loud and clear.

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Kody Says He’s Having More Kids

Meri, 41, Kody’s wife #1, has been dragging her feet deciding whether to try again to have another baby using wife Robyn, wife #4, as her surrogate. Robyn made the generous offer to Meri several months ago in hopes of making Meri a mother again. Meri has been tormented by infertility since giving birth to daughter Mariah, now 17.

But Meri, after crying for years over her infertility, has now been in tears again because she can’t decided whether she actually wants another baby. It turns out that Meri has learned to love the independence that comes from having only one almost grown child.

But sperminator Kody has had enough. He lays it on the line to Meri telling her, “I’m going to have more kids.”

In other words — with or without you Meri — I’m not stopping at 17. Clearly six with wife Janelle and six with wife Christine aren’t enough. Robyn only has four, so he probably feels like she can handle another couple or maybe he does plan on taking a fifth wife, to expand his brood even more.

Kody does want to give Meri first dibs on being next to have his pawn. “In two months, we’re going to start choosing the doctor and dropping the cash,” he urges her.

Meri Breakdowns but Kody Barely Relentless

When she breaks down again, he finally relents and agrees to give Meri five months to decide whether she’s ready to procreate again.

“We just can’t keep going in these circles,” he warns her. “You might feel different when we’re in our new homes. I know it’s hard.”

“I don’t think you do,” Meri shoots back. And obviously he doesn’t. Kody is so focused on still expanding his brood, he’s not interested in whether Meri’s sharing his gigantic family goal.

Of course, the big mystery in Sister Wives is how the Browns can afford an 18th, 19th or 20th kid, when aside from their TV show, they have no visible means of support. Their new online etail business, My Sister Wife’s Closet, can’t be pulling in big bucks yet!

Their Troubled Finances

Finances sort of seem to be an issue. After all, last week’s episode was all about getting loans so the family could afford to buy four gigantic houses next to each other on a suburban Las Vegas cul de sac.

And finances seem to be an issue when wives #2 and #3 particularly gang up on Meri for wanting a house as big as theirs, even when she only has one child, and they have six each.

In the Brown family it turns out,  finances are divided four ways between the wives and their families — regardless of size. This hardly seems fair to Janelle and Christine, and they can’t help themselves from repeatedly slamming Meri, who wants the same size house as theirs.

“I worried that what I needed would be sacrificed in the name of the budget,” Janelle confesses.

“I thought Meri should get a smaller home because she has less kids,” Christine agreed.

Meanwhile, Meri was once again crying because, “I’d loved to have needed a seven-bedroom home, but that was not the cards I was dealt,” she sobs.

Meanwhile, she’s particularly upset because she wants a “wet bar” but can only get that if her house has a fifth bedroom, so she’s going to be “forced” to have all that extra room.

“It’s been a struggle for the family to see me have all this extra space. You have no idea how much I was in tears over the fifth bedroom,” she cries. “I don’t want to be judged for having this extra room. I don’t need this extra room.”

Unfortunately, it’s hard to have total sympathy for Meri’s big problem — she wants too big a house. No wonder Kody wants to get her knocked up again — then he might not have to listen to his other wives complaining about her hogging more than her fair share.

Oh — the problems of having multiple wives.

The Kids’ Speak Out

No wonder daughter Madison repeats her vow that she doesn’t want a “big family myself — everyone’s in my business.” Daughter Aspyn says she wants a plural family but doesn’t want “to wait around to find the perfect one,” and oldest son Logan seems less than enthusiastic about having multiple wives. “In 20 years, I want to have a wife and… maybe others later.”

Perhaps, that’s why Kody’s so keen on fathering more kids. He wants to make sure he produces enough future polygamists.

Good luck, Kody!

— Bonnie Fuller

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