'Sister Wives Tell-All': Robyn Is OK If Kody Brown Takes A Fifth Wife

Robyn made her extraordinary confession under the grilling of Natalie Morales during the 'Sister Wives Tell-All Special' on June 24. If Sister Wives star Kody Brown decides to add a fifth wife to his polygamist marriage, that'll be just fine by fourth wife Robyn, she revealed during the family's Tell-All Special.

Kody Brown 5th Wife

“That’s OK if Kody chooses a fifth wife,” admits Robyn, the mother of Kody’s 17th child – baby Solomon. “I signed on for that.”

Interestingly, none of Kody’s other three wives piped up to second that feeling. Not surprising, considering the jealousy and drama that’s filled the Brown family’s polygamist marriage, we learned on the show last night. Not that any Sister Wives followers would really be surprised. I mean, how could you not have huge drama and intense jealousy when one man is married to four different women at the same time?

It turns out that wives No. 1 and No. 2, Meri and Janelle, HATED each other for the longest time.

Janelle admitted that when she got pregnant before Meri, who was having fertility issues, she knew it would be uncomfortable to break her pregnancy news to her fellow sister wife.

“If it upset her, so be it,” Janelle explains. “Things had been incredibly uncomfortable at that time, so her feelings were of little importance to me.”

Apparently Meri had ridiculed Janelle about wearing makeup and other issues to the point where Janelle “felt like I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown.”

Janelle actually packed up her children and left Kody for a while!

Then there is third wife Christine’s admission: When she was first pregnant, SHE told Meri, “I hope you don’t get pregnant, because then it won’t be such a special thing for me.”

“I was mean,” Christine admits. “Very mean.”

Ya think? Meri finally did get pregnant with her only child, Mariah, and she had to face Christine’s nasty resentment.

Kody admits that he and his various wives have spent a lot of time in marriage counseling, either with one or multiple wives at a time.

Wouldn’t you like to listen in on those sessions? Kody calls weekly discussions with all four wives together “emotional surgery.”

All of this wife management makes you wonder how Kody has any time at all to work — let alone to spend any time with his 17 kids! Does the man EVER sleep?

Maybe not, but he sure makes good use of his time in bed! If my count is right, he once had ALL THREE of his first three wives pregnant at the same time!

Polygamy sure requires endurance for any man!

What do you think Hollywoodlifers? Could you be in a plural marriage?

Bonnie Fuller

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