Sister Wives Go On Attack & Meri Cries Over Janelle's Cruelty

Wow! The gloves really came off in last night's (June 24th) episode of 'Sister Wives,' just proving that one polygamist man cannot keep four women happy. It's hard enough to keep one wife satisfied in a marriage, isn't that true Hollywoodlifers? Poor Meri Brown. She may be Kody Brown's first wife but she's now revealed in vivid detail how she feels like wife # nothing because her fertility problems have rendered her unable to produce more than one child: her daughter Mariah.

Sister Wives Meri Brown Attacked

Imagine how she felt as Kody took on wives number 2 and 3, who each rapidly produced six children a piece, all while she suffered from miscarriages and dashed hopes.

Furthermore, not only has she felt like a loser of a lesser wife because she has produced only one of polygamist Kody’s 17 children, but she has felt unworthy of having her own house that is similar in size and quality to the other wives’ houses.

Now, as the family is bravely taking on the financial commitment to buy and build four new homes on four Las Vegas lots on a quiet cul-de-sac so they can strengthen their “family culture” as Kody puts it, Meri has a traumatic time agreeing to support the decision that she will get her very own large house.

“The judgement I feel like I’ll get from many people including family members with that size of home, with only one child who will be leaving for college in a year…” she explains, reduced to tears. “It’s obvious I don’t need a home as big as everybody else’s,” she says.” I’ve had many conversations in the past that I don’t need this and shouldn’t be choosing that.”

In other words, Meri is saying that Kody’s other wives believe that she deserves less because she has produced less in the pitter-patter of little feet department.

And you can easily imagine how cutting this is for Meri who has been desperate to have another child or six. “If I’d had my say, I would have needed a seven bedroom home because I would have had eight kids myself, that’s what I wanted. But it’s not the cards I’ve been dealt. But there’s many times in my life I’ve felt punished because of that,” she sobbed.

Any woman who has suffered through the horrors of infertility knows what torture this must have been for Meri and continues to be. You’re not just tormented, but you’re living in a multi-marriage with three other hugely fertile women and then two of them diss you , implying that you are unequal.

Janelle actually admits to the world, on the show, that she really didn’t think Meri should have as nice a house as she ended up with in Las Vegas.

“I felt like you were taking family resources that our family could use,” she tells Meri. “I remember being so concerned about your need to have this home with a pool and I was really looking at how I can feed my family.”

Then there’s cruel Christine. First, she also confessed to Meri’s face: “I’m sorry for thinking you should have a small house… I thought that.”

But that wasn’t all from fertile Christine. She actually confessed in the Sister Wives Tell-All Special after the regular episode, that she told sad and barren Meri that she hoped she DIDN’T get pregnant while she, Christine was pregnant. Meri’s desperately awaited pregnancy would make her own pregnancy “less special for me,” she explained. “I was very mean,” she added.

Christine is absolutely right – she was a MEAN girl sister wife and so was Janelle. And Janelle’s latest nastiness to Meri happened not that long ago — when the family moved to Las Vegas, a year ago.

But then, Janelle’s digs at Meri are really payback we learned after Meri was apparently super mean to Janelle for the first few years of her marriage to Kody. Can you follow this?

I guess Meri found the adjustment to sharing her husband with wife #2, not as easy as she has earlier made out. Are we surprised?

Strangely after the wives started revealing more about the behind closed drama and backstabbing in their plural marriage, they all confessed that they wouldn’t change anything in the world about it. Not even Meri who was a sobbing puddle of tears earlier.

Uh, ok? What, are they all masochists or what? What do you think monogamous Hollywoodlifers? Tell me now!

Bonnie Fuller

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