Demi Lovato: I've Gained 30 Pounds Since Rehab — Who Cares?

Demi Lovato admitted in a recent interview she's put on weight since getting treatment last winter, but it's worth it since she's in a happier and healthier place. Don't you agree? When Demi Lovato admitted herself into treatment in Chicago last year, she was skipping meals, purging when she ate and mutilating herself. Now, healthier and happier, the 19-year-old performer says she's put on 30 pounds -- but she's embracing her new found curves and staying about from the small screen.

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“I just felt that being on camera for my first job wasn’t the smartest decision,” Demi told Amy Kaufman of the LA Times during a recent interview about her new album, Unbroken. “On TV, you have wardrobe fittings, you have four cameras on you at all times, and you’re worried about your angles and your lighting and your shots.”

When Demi was struggling with her eating disorder, she’d become a master at skipping meals…and no one noticed.

“I had learned how to control and manipulate everyone around me into believing that I was OK,” she explained. “I’d go to work on my TV show and, instead of getting lunch, I would go get my nails done or go tan or nap or something…No one was grilling me.”

Now things have changed in Demi’s life. She said in her interview she checks in with an adult after every meal to ensure her nutrition is on track, which has led to her gaining weight.

We think Demi’s curves fit her perfectly. She’s an inspiration to girls and women everywhere, who look to Hollywood stars to set standards of beauty. Keep up the great work, Demi! You’re an inspiration!

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