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Is Joe Jonas Apologizing To Demi Lovato In His New Song, 'I'm Sorry'?

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Joe Jonas says his new song, “I’m Sorry,” is about one of his relationships. Is he finally apologizing to Demi Lovato, or is it an ode to one of his other celebrity girlfriends?

We all know Joe Jonas isn’t exactly going to win the “Best Boyfriend” award. From Taylor Swift to Ashley Greene, Joe has famously fallen out of love just as quickly as he falls in. The notorious play boy says he’s about to apologize to one of his sweethearts in his new song, “I’m Sorry” — but will it be about the one girl he hurt the most?

“‘I’m Sorry’ is really honest,” Joe, 21, told E! Online’s Marc Malkin June 16. “It’s saying, I screwed up. I didn’t cheat on the person, but just I messed up and I wanted the person back. I’m just putting it all on the table saying, ‘I’m sorry. I wish I could have you back.'”

Joe dramatically dumped his girlfriend, former best friend and co-star, Demi Lovato, last year, only to join her on tour months later and bring along his new girlfriend, Ashley Greene. Demi, 18, subsequently, suffered from a breakdown, quit the tour and shipped off to treatment in Chicago for “emotional and physical issues.” Although Joe didn’t technically do anything wrong, it’s widely presumed he played some role in Demi’s problems.

“Those kind of songs are really hard because you know that person is going to hear it,” he said. “[But] I’ve never really reached out to somebody about a song. I feel every artist is entitled to write honestly. So I’ve never reached out to them unless they reached out to me.”

Out of all the girls he’s dated, I think Joe owes Demi an apology most. She was more than just a random girl he dated — she was a family friend, a co-worker and most importantly, she considered him one of her best friends. Even if he didn’t actually cheat on her with Ashley, he disrespected her by flaunting his new girlfriend in Demi’s face while they were on tour. It was insensitive and rude!

Hopefully we’ll hear “I’m Sorry” soon — but regardless, it will be on Joe’s first solo album, which is set to drop Sept. 6. Are YOU excited to hear it?

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