EXCLUSIVE! HollyWho-Knew? Jon Gosselin's Ex-Girlfriend Kate Major Says She & Hailey Glassman Are Friends!

020510_glassman_major_544_02Could YOU be besties with your ex-boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend?

They say tragedy has a way of bringing people together — and in this case, that tragedy is a relationship with Jon Gosselin. Former Star Magazine reporter Kate Major, who first hooked up with Jon while reporting on him in 2009, tells HollywoodLife.com exclusively that she has nothing against his more recent ex, Hailey Glassman. In fact, she says she wants to get to know her better! “We’ve been talking and texting,” Kate tells us. “We’re supposed to go to dinner this week.”

Kate first heard about Hailey in July 2009, when Kate was reporting on Jon and Kate Gosselin‘s crumbling marriage. It was then that she and Jon became romantically involved. “Part of me felt bad [Hailey] didn’t know,” Kate says. “Jon would tell me he had broken up with Hailey, and I believed him. I found out in the end he was lying to both of us.”

The two met for the first time face-to-face months later at a Jersey Shore party in Philadelphia, which Kate attended with now-boyfriend Michael Lohan. “To be honest, it was just ‘let bygones be bygones,'” she says. “When I first saw her, we were dressed similarly … she couldn’t have been nicer. I even apologized for the whole situation.”

Jon may not have a good relationship with his exes, but it sounds like they get along just fine with one another! We wonder how long it will be before his current girlfriend Morgan Christie joins Kate and Hailey for dinner?

— Chloe Melas & Andy Swift

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