This Battery-Heated Jacket Will Keep You Warm All Winter Long & It’s Under $200

Sometimes, even your heaviest jacket isn't enough to combat the cold & this heated coat is battery-powered & equipped with heating panels to ensure you won't get hit with a case of frostbite.

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heated jacket for women
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No matter how many layers you put on — or how thick those layers on — sometimes no amount of outerwear is enough to protect you from the biting chill and harsh winds of the winter months. Now, imagine actually feeling warm and cozy when temperatures drop below thirty 30 ºF (or even 0 ºF): that’s possible with this $140 battery-powered heated jacket for women from Venustas on Amazon. Think of it as a heated blanket that you can wear outside.

Get the Venustas heated jacket for women here for $140.

Unlike a heating pad, though, this heated jacket actually dissipates heat throughout your upper body thanks to heating panels that are built into three target areas: the left and right abdomen, the middle of your back, and your collarbone. Heat isn’t just localized in one spot, meaning you’ll actually feel warmth throughout your body. You’re also given the option of choosing between three heating levels: low (86 ºF/30 ºC), medium (104 ºF/40 ºC), and high (122 ºF/50 ºF). And if it’s a sunny day, you actually have the option of turning off the heat. Just press a button right on the front of the jacket whenever you’re ready to get toasty!

heated jacket for women

Now, we’re going to dive into the specifics of how the battery technology actually works in this jacket. First, you’re going to get a lot of running power with this jacket: 10 hours on the low-temperature setting, five to six hours on the medium temperature setting, and three hours on the high temperature. The jacket uses a 10000mAh battery (which is located in a secret pocket) that comes with two USB ports that have universal compatibility, so you can simultaneously charge your jacket battery and cellphone or laptop! A completely empty battery will take between six to seven hours to charge. You also get a protective case with the USB — make sure to put this on before throwing your jacket, which is machine washable, into the washing machine. On top of all that, you also get a free waterproof gift bag.

heated jacket for women

The battery isn’t the only thing keeping you warm in this jacket! It’s made of 100 percent polyester fabric (which Venustas says has a density that’s 60 percent “higher than common material in the market”) and is made with mylar thermal lining, which is a new feature with the 2020 version of this jacket. You’ll be protected from the inside and outside, and not just from the cold, but the wind too. So, this heated jacket doubles as a winter coat and windbreaker! You’ll also be shielded from raindrops in the case the weather goes south since the jacket’s fabric and YKK zippers are water-resistant. We do have to disclose, though, that this is not a waterproof jacket; however, the Venustas brand does offer that too, which you can find here.

heated jacket for women

The amazing features go on! The hood of the jacket is detachable and can be adjusted. Not only do you get all these features, but you get a stylish jacket to wear, too. The puffer design is classic and is especially having a big year in 2020 — those puffy North Face jackets seem to be everywhere now — so you won’t be sacrificing comfort for style. This jacket really is offering the best of both worlds. Speaking of two’s, it comes in two colors as well: black and beige.  The jacket is also embellished with the brand’s chic “Venustas” logo on the front, and is a good length: not too short, not too long. On a 5’9″ model, the jacket ends right at the hips, to give you an idea. The jacket is available in a wide size range, too, from sizes XS to 2XL.

heated jacket for women

Turning our attention to the reviews on Amazon — which have an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars — you’ll see overwhelmingly positive comments about this heated jacket for women from Venustas. “I just got my coat today and it is PERFECT. It fits great, it’s easy to use, it’s really good quality, and it’s warm even without the heaters,” one person gushed.

Another customer was just as excited over this high-tech jacket, even when it’s not worn outdoors. “This product is absolutely amazing as long as you are not dependent on it for your only source of heat. I work in wearhouses that are not temp controlled. At 22 degrees I was shivering still. It’s made of down so no matter what it’s a great jacket for the price. Also, the pockets remain pretty warm so you dont have to worry about frozen hands!,” the customer wrote.

The positive sentiments go on: the jacket was “toasty,” “heats up pretty fast,” “made very well,” “very lightweight,” “true to size,” “not overly bulky,” is a “lifesaver,” “very stylish” and so forth. You can join this happy crowd, too! If you’re looking for even more cozy wear to add to your winter wardrobe, we have a few suggestions: these comfy joggers that has over 6,000 reviews on Amazon, these flared lounge pants that are perfect for watching a Netflix movie in, and these cashmere pieces that are all under $100. There’s no reason to shiver this holiday season.

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