8 Best Waterproof Sunscreens That Will Protect You On Pool & Beach Days

With summer right around the corner, we're looking forward to pool & beach days but, it's important to make sure you're protected from the sun & you've got to check out these awesome waterproof sunscreens.

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Best Waterproof Sunscreens
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Summertime is almost here! Oftentimes, long days at the beach or hanging by the pool involve frequent dips in the water to cool off – but it’s easy to neglect SPF when you’re making a splash. This summer, we’re advising everyone to take extra care in protecting that precious skin. Sure, it’s easy to remember to re-apply sunblock to the face and body while sunbathing, but what about while taking a swim? If you want to make sure you’re defending against UV rays around the clock, you’ve got to check out these 8 waterproof sunscreens – all of which keep you fully covered during the longest of swims.

Of course, we all know that sunscreen works to prevent sun damage like sunburns, sun poisoning, etc. However, it additionally helps to prevent wrinkles, slow down the process of aging, and keeps the skin moisturized with Vitamins C and E. All of those defense mechanisms should by no means come to a halt while swimming, so, we encourage you all to lather up this summer –  in and out of the water! Shop our favorite water-proof sunscreens below.

1. Neutrogena Beach Defense Water Resistant Sunscreen with Broad Spectrum SPF 70

If you heard “water-resistant for up to 80 minutes”, you’d be sold, right? The beach defense water-resistant sunscreen from Neutrogena actually does keep you protected from the sun while in the water for over an hour – no joke! This powerful SPF 70 sunblock is stabilized with Helioplex technology (found in many Neutrogrena sun-protecting products), which provides excellent protection against harmful UV rays. It has a fast-absorbing, oil-free, and lightweight formula, so it won’t feel heavy or irritating – even in the water. Plus, since Neutrogena is the #1 dermatologist recommended suncare brand, you know they’re not messing around. Bring it along for your next trip to the beach with friends, or the waterpark with family! $9, amazon.com

Neutrogena waterproof sunscreen

2. Alba Botanica Hawaiian Sunscreen Clear Spray, SPF 50

When swimming during the summertime comes to mind, so does the smell of the ocean and other tropical scents. The clear sunscreen spray from Alba Botanica smells like you’re on an island in the Caribbean: made with coconut extract, shea butter, and avocado oil. This easy-application clear spray makes it easy to cover yourself head to toe in SPF 50, and stays on while having some fun in the waves for up to 80 minutes. And, if you’re not a huge fan of the scent it even comes in a different “fresh” scent, as well as a fragrance-free option. Recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation, you can rest assured no harmful sun rays will sneak through this sunscreen’s protective barrier. $10, amazon.com

Alba Botanica Waterproof Sunscreen

3. Sun Bum Original SPF 70 Sunscreen Lotion

Sun Bum is totally a fan-favorite. Known for its vegan and “reef-friendly” formula, plus its famous coconut-smelling line of products, it’s always a go-to brand for fun in the sun. The original SPF 70 sunscreen lotion covers so many bases for defending against sun damage. It delivers premium UV protection, is packed with Vitamin E to keep skin moisturized while staying oil-free, and is totally water and sweat-resistant (can’t forget about those sweaty, intense beach volleyball matches!) This lotion is perfect for the avid beachgoer, surfer, and, well, sun bum! Thousands of people swear by their slogan “Trust the Bum”, so you’ve got to give it a try this summer. $16, amazon.com

Sun Bum Waterproof Sunscreen


4. Coppertone SPORT Continuous Sunscreen Spray Broad Spectrum SPF 100

Climbing the ladder in sun protection factor, we couldn’t forget an SPF 100 sunscreen for all of our fairer-skinned friends. The Coppertone SPORT sunscreen spray was voted the “Most Trusted Sunscreen” by American shoppers, based on the 2020 BrandSpark American trust study. This ultra-powerful sunscreen spray goes out to anyone who really needs the highest coverage possible or those who participate in beach or water sports. It’s a continuous spray that is super durable while swimming, surfing, exercising in extreme heat, and more. You’ll be wow-ed by the 99% UV coverage this sunblock provides without fail! $8, amazon.com

Coppertone SPORT waterproof sunscreen


5. Hawaiian Tropic High Performance Island Sport Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 50

If you’re sporty in the sun but don’t need something quite as high as SPF 100, look no further! The Hawaiian Tropic island sport sunscreen lotion is just what you need. It’s got SPF 100, is completely sweat and water-resistant for up to 80 minutes, and has the consistency of a lightweight, breathable lotion. It even leaves the skin softer and more luminous, without clogging any pores. Take on an ocean-side jog, surf session or whatever your go-to summer sport is while staying completely protected. Best of all, it’s infused with Hawaiian Tropic’s classic coconut fragrance and mango fruit extract, leaving you smelling amazing. $10, amazon.com

Hawaiian Tropic waterproof sunscreen

6. Australian Gold Instant Bronzer SPF 30 Water Resistant Sunscreen Lotion | Water Resistant

We know that some of you reading this are definitely sun-worshippers, and love to get a bronzed, deep tan during the summer – don’t kid yourself! This instant bronzer sunscreen lotion from Australian Gold is ideal for all the sun-lovers out there. With its SPF 30 you’ll be protected from sun-damaging rays, but also will have a little room to work up a good tan. The formula is made with sunflower seed oil, olive oil, and cocoa seed butter (to name a few), and it’s butter-soft on the skin, providing the deepest hydration. The stand-out quality is the caramel-colored bronzer infused in the lotion, which creates a tinted, sun-kissed glow to the skin when you put it on. You can get all of those benefits with this sunscreen while also staying completely guarded against the sun while swimming or sweating. $9, amazon.com

Australian Gold Waterproof Sunscreen


Aveeno is famed for its miracle-working skincare products, so why would they stop at sunscreen? Their protect & hydrate sunblock doubles as a hydrating moisturizer and water-resistant sunscreen with SPF 70. Dermatologists recommend Aveeno because of their antioxidant-rich formula, which is incorporated right into this sunblock. It’s made with oat extract which helps keep the skin nourished while fighting off signs of premature aging due to sun exposure. Feel confident enough to lather this lightweight lotion on your face or wherever, and head out for an outdoor workout or a long swim ! $9, amazon.com

Aveeno Protect & Hydrate waterproof sunscreen

8. Hurley Water Resistant Broad Spectrum Sunscreen Spray SPF 50 (2-Pack)

Hurley is one of the longest, most trusting surf brands in the world – so leave it to them to make a killer waterproof sunscreen. This coconut-scented sunscreen is made right in the U.S, is lightweight, and can be worn by the whole family. Hurley leaves out any coral-bleaching chemicals, making this a completely reef-friendly formula that does its job. Enjoy water activities of any kind while having long-lasting SPF coverage that can handle any moisture that may come into contact with the skin. Choose from SPF 15, 30, or 50 depending on your preference, and this bundle comes with 2 of these spray bottles for under $20! $15, amazon.com

Hurley waterproof sunscreen


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