Shop Eight Of The Best Natural Unisex Deodorants Loved By Stars Like Justin Bieber & More

Fight off underarm sweat the all-natural way! We’ve got you covered with this batch of the most incredible, aluminum-free and natural deodorants that work great for both men and women, and used by stars like Justin Bieber.

Natural Deodorant
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Ick! There’s nothing worse than underarm sweat. Whether it’s during a workout, or any time of the day in those insanely hot summer months, sweat in the armpit area is no fun- not to mention super annoying. What’s more, it seems that many of the drugstore deodorant sticks are loaded with chemicals – including aluminum and parabens. So we’re wondering: since today’s generation is constantly working on eliminating chemicals everywhere that we can, including in our diets, why stop at what we put on our skin?

In recent health and skincare trends, the boom of all natural deodorants has thankfully been on the rise. It’s become a known fact that chemical-heavy deodorants clog the skin’s pores, making it harder for the body to sweat the way it naturally needs to. Also, all of those chemicals mixing in with the body’s natural odors actually sometimes make body odor smell worse than it already does, and nobody wants that! By eliminating a surplus of chemical build up with all natural deodorant, the body is able to produce its natural bacteria without any clogging, and without any funky additional scents.

Needless to say, many people nowadays have switched over to natural deodorants due to the benefits. In fact, many celebrities have also been raving about all-natural skincare products including deodorants, such as Justin Bieber & more. Celebrity-endorsed deodorants have seemed to replace celebrity-endorsed perfumes, and we’re here for it. As for Justin Bieber, the pop star has been known to love all-natural skincare products, and is actually the first celebrity to endorse Schmidt’s Naturals – a line of all natural deodorants and other chemical-free skincare products.

Natural deodorant
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Contrary to typical deodorant sticks, Justin Bieber’s Schmidt’s scent, called ‘Here and Now’ is truly unique. It has a woodsy, more robust smell to it, unlike so many other processed deodorants’ odors. It’s made with all-natural ingredients (plant-based, to boot) including activated charcoal, magnesium, and essential oils like lavender and tea tree. Cruelty-free, the ‘Here and Now’ deodorant stick smells amazing and is free of any gross chemicals. Take a look at the list below for this lineup of amazing, naturally- made deodorants including brands like Scmidt’s, Native and more that you absolutely need to try!

1. Each & Every All Natural Deodorant

An “Amazon’s Choice” product, Each & Every’s line of all-natural aluminum-free deodorants is a definite fan favorite. The lavender and lemon scent is a best seller, but this amazing deodorant also comes in over 5 other yummy scents. Never tested on animals, Each & Every provides a comfortable and lightweight feel with all of their deodorant sticks. $15,

Each & Every


2. Native Natural Deodorant

Made for both women and men, Native produces some of the most popular natural deodorants. Vegan and cruelty-free, Native never includes aluminum or parabens in any of their products. We love their standard coconut and vanilla deodorant stick (it literally smells like a fresh baked good!) but their collection of diverse scents also includes a custom scent option, too! $12,

Native Natural Deodorant


3. Lume Natural Deodorant

Not only is it aluminum and baking soda free, as well as hypoallergenic, but Lume’s line of deodorants is also totally versatile. Offering 72 hours of protection, their deodorant products come in both stick and lubricant form, and can be used in places besides just your underarms! Lume deodorant is perfect for those of you who sweat elsewhere- not just the pits! $26,

Lume Deodorant


4. Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant

Including Justin Bieber’s scent ‘Here & Now’, Schmidt’s natural line of deodorants is a staple for anyone’s medicine cabinet. We love the bergamot and lime scent, but Schmidt’s products come in a ton of various other scents as well. Clearly, Justin loves this product, and we can promise you’re going to love it too! $8,

Schmidt's Natural Deodorant


5. Credo ‘Superstar’ Routine Deodorant Stick

Credo is known for its fabulous beauty products. From cosmetics to skincare, their line of all-natural beautifiers never includes harsh chemicals; including their deodorants. This ‘Superstar’ routine deodorant stick has activated charcoal in it, providing all-natural and long-lasting odor protection. It smells amazing, too! $30,

Credo Natural Deodorant


6. Taos Aer Natural Deodorant

100% natural ingredients make this incredible deodorant so great! The Taos Aer deodorant rolls on the skin lightly and smoothly and dries down in rapid time. It’s the best because it provides all-day freshness, so no need to reapply constantly like those nasty, chemically induced brands. $19,

Taos Aer Natural Deodorant


7. Malin & Goetz

Who doesn’t love the smell of fresh eucalyptus? We’re a big fan, and this soothing scent of Malin & Goetz deodorant is not only to die for but also completely natural. It is perfect for all skin types, from dry to oily, and its alcohol, paraben, and aluminum-free. Its lightweight formula is anything but clogging, and it allows the body to sweat the way it is supposed to! $22,

Malin & Goetz Eucalyptus Deodorant


8. Underarmed Deodorant

Perfect for men and women, this delicious lavender and eucalyptus-scented deodorant stick made by Underarmed is a must-have for you (and your partner’s) bathroom counter. It’s made with all organic ingredients, including soothing coconut oil, raw organic honey, and even avocado butter. You’ll feel great putting this on to tackle underarm sweat knowing that it’s made with only the finest of nature’s goods. $16,

Underarmed Natural Deodorant

Well, there ya have it. Why settle for pore-clogging, chemically loaded deodorant sticks when you can do some good for your body? Shop any of these eight all-natural deodorants to take a step in the right direction towards a healthier lifestyle by avoiding parabens, aluminum, and many more toxins on your skin. According to Justin Bieber and other stars, chemical-free antiperspirants are the way to go, and we’re sure you’ll love some of these on the list!

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