Over 68,000 People Swear By This Painless $17 Hair Remover Tool

Self hair removal doesn't need to involve painful wax or a special laser & HollywoodLife has found one of Amazon's best tools for facial hair removal that's both easy on your face & wallet.

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If you’ve been skipping out on waxing or threading appointments during the pandemic, we’ve found the perfect self hair removal gadget to help you out. Amazon is selling Finishing Touch Store’s Flawless Facial Hair Removal tool for just $17.66! Over 68,300 Amazon customers have given this handy pink tool an average rating of 4.5 stars, which should put your mind at ease if you’re wondering how effective this little wand is (because it really is).

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All you have to do is flick up the switch on the device, and you’re ready to go to work on your face (it already comes with a AA battery). This facial hair removal tool is shaped like a contour stick, allowing it to glide effortlessly across your face without risking cuts. In fact, it’s so safe to use, the Finishing Touch Store says you can use this tool “every day” without having to wait until your hair grows back in — so it can also be used as a permanent hair removal tool for ladies and men! It’s also hypoallergenic and “dermatologist recommended,” according to the brand.

Facial Hair Removal Tool


You can use this self hair removal tool to remove pesky peach fuzz on your cheeks and along your hairline. It also works where hair grows in coarser, like the upper lip and eyebrow area! This beauty gadget removes hair by using “Butterfly Technology” which “microscopically [pares] it down through a spinning head,” according to its Amazon description. The hair collects inside a designated area of the tool, which you can remove later with a tiny brush that’s included in the package (no, you won’t have to touch your hair with your fingers).

You’ll feel extra pretty as you rid your face of unwanted hairs with the tool’s beautiful design! Its encased in an 18 karat gold-plated covering and comes in five extra shiny shades: blush, coral, lavender, mermaid, Parisian blue and rose gold. You can even tuck this self hair removal tool in your purse since it’s barely larger than a tube of lipstick with a height of 4.3 inches and a width of 10 centimeters.

Reviewers raved over this handy device for a myriad of reasons. One customer was astonished that this little wand could remove her “‘stash hairs” while another customer marveled at the fact that she was left with no “red skin, cuts, or infections.” A third reviewer was relieved to find that the shaver doesn’t “yank the hair out,” and a fourth reviewer celebrated not being forced to pluck chin hairs every day thanks to this tool. It’s time to throw away other solutions for permanent hair removal for ladies and men like tweezers, gooey substances, and shavers!