This Exercise Ball Can Be Used As A Desk Chair Or For Workouts & It’s Under $20

It's time to deliver on that promise you made to yourself to live a healthier life! This multi-use exercise ball is a steal at nearly 50% off & you can use it for prenatal yoga, core exercises & more!

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It’s never the wrong time to prioritize your health! Now that 2021 is officially here, it’s time to gear up with this MRELC Exercise Ball, which is 40% off! For just $14.99, you (a loved one, partner, or pal) can reach your fitness goals in a number of ways with this multi-purpose exercise ball. Remember, this special shopping deal doesn’t last forver — so, stop and shop now!

Get The MRELC Exercise Ball For $14.99 Here.

Due to the COVID pandemic, gyms and other in-person fitness facilities have endured temporary shut-downs, revised hours and protocols, and other regulations to prioritize health and safety. All of the latter means that your personal fitness journey was most likely affected too. However now, with the MRELC exercise ball, you can get a gym, class, or trainer-worthy workout from home.

MRELC exercise ball

This piece of quality fitness equipment has many uses. For the expectant moms out there, it’s perfect for prenatal yoga and other (physician/GYNO-approved) low-impact pregnancy exercises. For those yogis or pilates lovers who aren’t expecting, this exercise ball is for you too! Easily get into your favorite flow or toning stretch with the help of the MRELC ball. To the fitness lovers who are looking to tone, shape, and strengthen while burning fat — yes, this is for you too! Feel the burn in your core with various abdominal workouts, including classic crunches and lifted planks. Bonus core exercise: Put the MRELC ball in-between your two ankles and balance your legs straight while lifting it up and down. Trust us, you’ll know it’s working when your mid-section is on fire!

MRECL exercise ball

This exercise ball is fit for a variety of individuals — even the workaholics. Use it as a desk chair at home or a tool to help your posture and reduce back pain! Additionally, this exercise ball can be used for powerful aerobic and gymnastic exercises that target the thighs, back, hips, pelvic floor muscles, and more specific areas of the body.

A common (great) question with fitness equipment is, “How durable is it?” — MRELC is carefully designed with extra thick, non-toxic, anti-burst material. It’s made of professional-grade, heavy-duty PVC materials that can support 2200 Lbs. (and, it’s professional-grade anti-burst tested). Also, this exercise ball is free of BPA, latex, heavy metals, and phthalates.  

MRELC exercise ball

MRELC always puts the safety of its customers first, which is why the anti-slip ridges ensure that each ball can withstand a 2 cm cut without explosive deflation. The use of a matte surface protects your safety while providing an excellent non-slip experience.  

While a lot of fitness equipment and tools are complex to use or put together, the MRELC exercise ball is quite simple. The included quick-inflation foot saves time and energy, so you can assemble and deflate it in minutes. MRELC suggests storing the exercise ball in a dry place when not in use. Once you’ve purchased it, your entire package will contain the following: 1 75cm fitness ball; 1 quick inflation foot pump; 2 air plugs; 1 pump puller; and a box with colorfully illustrated exercise guides.

Deliver on your fitness promise to yourself this winter, or give the gift of fitness (with ease) to a loved one in your life. Don’t miss out on this amazing deal on the MRELC exercise ball!

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