The Best Gift Tags for a Personalized Special Touch

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Gift-giving isn't complete without the perfect gift tag! The right tag adds a special touch to your presents and helps your recipient feel like they're truly appreciated. It also provides an opportunity to express your creativity and style, too! That's why we've scoured the internet to find the best gift tags of 2023 that you simply must have.

We've included options for every occasion and style. Whether you're looking for something fun or something classic and elegant, there's a tag for everyone. Plus, all of these tags are very affordable and are sure to bring a smile to the faces of your loved ones when they open their gifts. So, let's take a look at some of the finest gift tags available this year.

Comparing the Top-Quality Gift Tags in 2023

Bliss Collections Gift Tags  —  Best Overall

The Bliss Collections Gift Tags are the perfect way to show your appreciation to guests of any event. These tags are made with a simple yet modern blush floral design that looks great paired with matching table numbers and place cards. The tags come in a set of 50 and each one is single-sided and features a pre-punched hole, making them easy to attach to gifts.

These tags are made from 100 lb premium uncoated white card stock, making them both durable and attractive. With these tags, you can make your thank you favors stand out at your wedding, bridal shower, baby shower, birthday party, or any other special occasion. The design is 100% unique and created by the in-house team of the brand, so you won't find it anywhere else! With their high-quality design and stylish blush floral design, these tags will add a touch of class to any event, which is why it is our pick for the best gift tags overall.


  • Comes with pre-punched holes
  • Simple yet elegant design
  • Perfect for a variety of events
  • Attractive and visually appealing


  • Much smaller than they look

Blisstime Gift Tags  —  Most Environmentally Friendly

The Blisstime Gift Tags are a great addition to any craft, gift wrapping, or creative project. The jute twine is made of natural materials, making it an environmentally friendly choice. It's also 300 feet in length, providing plenty of string for attaching tags to various items. 

The kraft paper tags are of excellent quality, with a moderate thickness that makes them sturdy and hard to break. They have a nice texture and absorb ink well, so the ink won't bleed through to the other side. Apart from that, these tags are perfect for labeling gifts as well as student cards and bookmarks. They can also be used for fun activities such as cupcake toppers and wish trees. Overall, these tags and strings are perfect for any kind of craft or gift-wrapping project, big or small. With their high-quality construction and versatility, they will help bring any creative project to the next level!


  • Kraft paper is the perfect weight
  • Plenty of room for heartfelt notes
  • Completely environmentally friendly
  • Paper absorbs ink well


  • May smell like chemicals

SallyFashion Gift Tags  —  Best Usability

The SallyFashion Gift Tags is an attractive product that provides a wide variety of uses. The package contains 100 paper tags measuring 2.8 x 1.7 inches, as well as 100 strings for easy hanging. They are made from premium specialty kraft paper and are thick and strong, non-toxic and odorless, and wrinkle and tear-resistant. They can be used for clothing tags, price tags, gift tags, bookmarks, cupcake tags, Christmas tree tags, scrapbooks, and much more. 

The construction of the paper tags features corrugated edges without burrs for a smooth feel so you don't hurt your fingers. The included strings are high strength and abrasion resistant to ensure secure hanging from the small hole on each tag. For any project you can think of you can use these tags. You can easily create your personalized tag in just a few seconds by simply slipping the string through the hole and adding a personal message or design. Overall, this product is a great choice for anyone who needs to make customized tags with ease.


  • Can be used for any kind of tags
  • Strong and durable 
  • Corrugated edges are incredibly smooth
  • Includes 100 PCS paper tags


  • Strings are not attached to the tags

G2PLUS Gift Tags  —  Most Versatile

The G2PLUS Gift Tags with String provide an excellent solution for all of your gift-wrapping needs. These stylish and sophisticated tags are made of high-quality cardstock paper, giving them a luxurious appearance that is perfect for any occasion. With 100PCS white kraft paper heart tags, these tags come with 32.8ft twine and have a heart diameter of 4mm.

These tags also boast an extremely user-friendly design as each one comes with a reinforced pre-punched hole with jute twine attached, making it easy to attach to any gift bag or product. The versatile design of these tags makes them suitable for many occasions, from wedding favor tags and birthday gift tags to baby shower favor tags and other place name cards. Overall, these tags are an ideal choice when it comes to personalizing gifts or favors while maintaining a luxurious look. The high-quality material ensures that your writing won’t smudge or fade and the ability to use markers or stamps allows for creative expression so you can make your label more personalized and unique.


  • Strong and sturdy
  • Easy to hang
  • Can be used for many special occasions
  • Can be customized


  • Paper is a little too thin

AVERY Gift Tags  —  Most User-Friendly

AVERY Gift Tags with Sure Feed technology provide a dependable and secure way to make gift tags. The matte white paper ensures that colors pop, making it easy to customize and create professional-looking tags. Plus, these blank tags come with pre-punched holes and locking strings for easy and secure attachment.

The proprietary Sure Feed technology guarantees reliability when printing through the printer, preventing jams and smudging. Plus, the double-sided full-bleed backgrounds allow you to print to the edge without a border or outline. The free online design software that comes with this set of gift tags provides access to thousands of templates and designs so you can easily create custom tags with your own text and graphics. Creating the perfect gift tag for any occasion has never been easier. With these printable blank gift tags with Sure Feed technology, you can make sure your gift tags always look professional and secure.


  • Features Sure Feed technology
  • Can be easily customized with graphics
  • Optimized design for inkjet printers
  • Extremely convenient and creative


  • Printing may not align

Gift Tags: Buying Guide

When it comes to buying gift tags, there are a few important features to consider before making a purchase. To ensure you make the right choice, here is a comprehensive buyer's guide outlining the most important product features to consider: 

What To Look For Before Buying Gift Tags


Look for gift tags that are made from high-quality materials such as paperboard, cardboard, or even plastic. The thickness of the material should be around 0.5mm for better durability, and the surface should have a smooth finish for easy writing on them.


Since gift tags come in all different sizes and shapes, it’s important to decide what size tag would suit your needs. Consider the size of your gift as well as whether you’ll need to write on it—if so, opt for a larger size to fit more words or write in bigger font sizes.


Gift tags come in an array of colors and designs, so choose an option that reflects your tastes or complements the recipient’s gift. Also, keep in mind that darker colors offer a higher contrast when adding personalization messages like text or photos. 

Customization options

Many gift tag manufacturers offer customization options so you can personalize each tag with photos, messages, or other design details. This is great if you want to add some extra thought to each tag or create unique designs for different recipients. 


The durability of your gift tags depends on their material and thickness. Make sure to check reviews about the product’s quality to see how long they last after use and determine if they’re durable enough for your purposes. 


If you want more options when choosing which type of gift tag to buy, try looking at catalogs with many different types and designs available or purchase from an online retailer with a wide selection of options. 


Price is always an important factor when choosing a gift tag. It’s important to find a tag that is affordable yet of good quality. Gift tags come in various price ranges depending on the material used and any additional features such as customization options or personalization options. 

Environmentally friendly material

Eco-friendly material options are becoming more common when it comes to purchasing gift tags. Look for eco-friendly paperboards made from sustainably sourced wood pulp that is kinder to the environment without compromising their aesthetics or quality. 


Buying online can be convenient but make sure that you look up delivery times before placing an order so you know exactly when you will get them and if it meets your needs. Most online stores also provide tracking information once shipped so you can follow its progress from shipment to delivery 

Tear-resistant materials

To ensure your gift tags are well protected against the elements, look for ones that use waterproof and tear-resistant materials to reduce wear and tear over time and make them last longer than traditional paper tags would allow. 


If writing on the surface of the gift tag is important for identifying its purpose or recipient, look for options that offer writable surfaces with markers meant specifically for this purpose without smudging or fading away easily after use.