Dress up Any Outfit With These Best Stylish Belts for Women

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Buying a new belt might not be the most exciting new wardrobe addition, however, they do serve a purpose, for both fashion and function, and should always be readily available when needed.

Below we have found a great selection of belts for women that make great supplemental additions no matter how many you already own. Some of these are ready-made and will look great with the high-waist denim and pant trend we are seeing these days. We have even spotted an amazing designer-inspired, faux leather belt lookalike without the designer price tag that wears easily and ties every outfit together.

Also included are some leather and faux leather options, a trendy vintage western-inspired belt, and some elasticized waist-versions where belt loops are not even required.

Detailing the Leading Belt for Women in 2024

Tights Up Stretch Belt  —  Best Overall

The Stretch Belt by Tights Up is a great idea for a basic belt that does double duty to not only help keep your pants up but is also made to lay flat under fitted tops to provide an instant slimming effect. Made from soft and stretchy elastic, this belt is ideal for those who do not want to necessarily show off their belt but do need the help they provide without the worry of extra bulk. The best part about this belt is that belt loops are not required as the inner portion of the belt has a non-slip silicone lining to help the belt stay in place. Perfect for keeping up your tights, leggings, or yoga pants.


  • This belt has no metal parts and requires no removal when going through airport security


  • There are not many size options available

Carhartt Signature Casual Belt  —  Runner Up

If a basic leather belt is on your list, then check out Carhartt’s Signature casual belt. Made from 100% leather, this popular belt has a clean, chunky buckle closure and a perforated and stitch pattern on the strap with a center bar buckle. It measures an ideal 1.5″ in width and will work with any of your favorite jeans or pants and can look great when worn cinched with a favorite floral mini, midi or maxi dress.


  • This belt is sturdy enough for everyday wear


  • It is important to read the sizing information prior to purchasing

Earnda Double O-Ring Buckle Belt  —  Honorable Mention

Earnda’s Double O-Ring Buckle Belt is reminiscent of the insta-famous double G belt by Gucci but for a much friendlier price tag. This belt is made of high-quality faux leather, is available in a generous size range and will work with just about any outfit. Perfect for year-round wear, this belt is stylish, suitable for any occasion and can turn any basic outfit into an eye-catching one.


  • This belt is hand sewn, strong and reliable


  • Measure your waist accurately based on how high or low you will wear the belt

Jasgood Flower Leather Belt  —  Contender

The floral leather belt by Jasgood is made from high-quality, cowhide leather with a specially made alloy buckle. This just means that the buckle is long-lasting, carries a nice sheen and has been polished using technology to ensure its bright color. What makes this belt unique is its stylish, hollow flower design that will ensure it is the standout piece to liven up any of your outfits.


  • This belt comes with a sizing tool and instructions for optimal fit


  • Measure your belt loops to ensure it will fit the pants

Jasgood Vintage Western Belt  —  Also Consider

Western-style belts have become so popular as of late and even have quite a few Pinterest boards dedicated to different ways of styling them. This leather belt by Jasgood is one of those Western-style belts with a vintage feel that is featured all over your feed and is made from high-quality leather that is soft and comfortable. The vintage buckle is the star of the show and is shiny, durable and won’t scratch easily. Pair this belt with all your acid-washed, high-waisted denim for the ultimate, on-trend feel.


  • This belt can be easily trimmed with the included punch tool and instruction card


  • Read the instructions for sizing carefully

Werforu Skinny Belt  —  Editor's Pick

Meant to be worn directly at the waist and perfect for the current high-waist pant trend is this skinny belt set from Werforu. This belt is made from pure elastic with faux leather surroundings that allow for generous stretching in each of its size range options. Soft and comfortable, this set of four belts comes in eight different color options and has an interlocking metal buckle in gold that you may remember from a few decades ago. Buy this four-pack and share them with your friends, family or keep for yourself for a new look every day of the week.


  • These belts come in sleek lucky bags for storage or gift-giving


  • There are only two sizes available

Loklik Leopard Leather Belt  —  Another Option

The leopard print belt by Loklik is a great print alternative to all your black and brown belts. This belt is made of genuine, high-quality leather and leopard-print calf hair with a classic-looking rounded buckle that has a smooth finish and won’t scratch or fall apart. Get creative and pair this belt with all your favorite striped or printed tops, a plain white tee and moto jacket and your favorite pair of denim or slacks.


  • This belt comes with a velvet storage bag


  • Read the size chart carefully to ensure proper sizing

Buying Guide: Belts for Women

One of the most versatile fashion accessories, belts for women, have been a style statement for decades. From flat and skinny to big and buckled, there are all kinds of belts out there for women to choose from. An attractive and well-made belt has the ability to instantly elevate an outfit from just basic to glamorous.

Whether your purpose of using a belt is aesthetic, such as cinching loose dresses and tops at the waist, or functional, like holding up trousers and jeans, a good belt is a must item to have in your wardrobe. There are so many options in belts for women available on the market, each trendier than the next. Read on to find out more!

How to Wear Your Belt

When it comes to belts for women, there is no single purpose. How you wear your belt can depend on multiple factors, such as aesthetic preference, body type, or just functionality. Generally, there are two ways to wear a belt.

Natural waist

The first and most commonly preferred method of wearing belts as an accessory is on the natural waist. Belts on the natural waist accentuate the wearer’s figure, giving it more of an hourglass shape. This method of belt wearing looks great over a loose fitting dress, cardigan, or even over a winter coat. It is an easy and classic way to elevate your style with minimal effort.

Keep your pants up

How it fares in keeping your pants and jeans up is the top priority for those concerned with the practicality and functionality of a belt. In this method of wearing a belt, guide it through the loops of pants and jeans and secure it for a tight fit. Remember to go for thick belts, as a thin belt won’t easily stay in place. 

Belt Matching Tips and Tricks

With so many different width and style options in belts for women on the market, it can be very confusing. Here are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind while shopping for a belt, based on the outfit you are looking to elevate.

If you are shopping for a belt to pair with your dress, then a thin belt just between 1 and 2 cm should do the trick. Thick belts cause dresses to ride up in an unflattering way, and will do more harm than good. For sweaters and cardigans, belts that are slightly thicker, up to 5 cm in width are the better option, as thin belts will get lost in the thick fabric.

For skirts and jeans, belts in the medium width category of 3 to 4 cm will be ideal, as they will stay in place but aren’t going to overpower your look. Thick statement belts should only be worn on occasion, when the outfit needs something more eye-catching, and aren’t a good option to wear casually.

Buy Your Belt According to Your Body Type

One of the primary purposes of belts for women is that they accentuate the figure, so it is vital that you purchase a belt based on what will suit your body type best. Not everything will look good, so it is best to be prepared on these tips beforehand.

Tall, long-limbed women should go for belts which have a thicker width, as this gives the illusion of a shorter torso. This will help in making you look more proportional. Longer-limbed women usually don’t have well defined waists, but a thick belt will take care of that by giving you a more feminine shape to your figure.

Shorter women, on the other hand, have naturally shorter waists with a bulkier midsection. For this type of body, a narrow waist will work best, as it creates the hourglass shape in a more subtle way. A thick belt on a short woman will cover up the stomach as well, which will just look strange and unflattering.

Additional Features to Look Out For

Belt length

The ideal length of your belt depends on whether you are shopping for a formal event or just to wear casually. Dress belts, which are to be worn on more formal occasions, should be just long enough so that the end of the belt is tucked into the first belt loop smoothly. For casual belts, some more length is still okay as long as it looks natural. Go for a belt which is a few inches more than your waist size.


It is an unwritten rule that the larger the belt buckle, the less formal the event. Big buckles can seem brandish and tacky if worn at a formal dinner, but they are just fine for a casual night out with friends. A flat buckle that is tasteful in size is best for a dressy occasion. Leather and metal buckles are great for casual wear, as they do not wear easily.

Color matching

You might be familiar with the golden rule of belt matching, and with women’s belts it’s  no different. When in doubt, it is best to match your black belt with black shoes, and brown belt with brown shoes. Experimenting with other patterns is also fine, but this is a classic rule that should be kept in mind.