Give Your Necklace Storage an Upgrade With a Space-Saving Organizer

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Getting your jewelry organized and in order can be a frustrating process. Keeping it in a drawer and out of view makes it harder to see what you have, tangles the necklaces easily, and makes overlooking them easy when getting ready in a rush.

There are some great solutions, however, with these wall-mounted necklace organizers. These organizers are incredibly handy and give you simple ways to get your jewelry and accessories up and off your vanity, out of your drawer, and in plain sight to make getting ready faster and easier.

These holders are all wall-mounted, and feature necklace hooks, earring storage, bracelet rods, and hangers for the ultimate organization. They also come in a variety of styles and finishes that will complement any decor and have handy shelves up top for storage of loose accessories, pretty perfume bottles, and any small cosmetics.

Our Picks of the Hottest Wall-Mounted Necklace Organizers

J Jackcube Necklace Holder  —  Best Overall

With 25 hooks for numerous hangables including necklaces and bracelets, this jewelry wall holder is a great, space-saving option. It easily mounts to almost all surfaces and comes with a detachable magnetic upper tray for smaller accessories, cosmetics, keys, or sunglasses. It will also help save time getting ready as everything is neat and can be easily accessed.


  • The upper tray is magnetic and detachable
  • It comes in six different colors/finishes


  • Heavier necklaces may not be suitable for this unit

MyGift Jewelry Shelf  —  Runner Up

This hanging jewelry organizer is similar in look to the one above, however, it comes with 26 hooks below the shelf and has a decorative metal finish. The top shelf features a scalloped trim with extra space to store earrings, rings, keys, and smaller cosmetic items including perfume.


  • There are five metallic color options
  • You can hang earrings from the perforated shelf


  • The shelf is not magnetic

Ashleyriver Jewelry Organizer  —  Honorable Mention

If your decor style is rustic or if you prefer an all-wood organizer, this is a great option. Designed to fit on any bedroom, closet, or bathroom wall, this is a roomy organizer that comes with a detachable shelf, 12 gold storage hooks, and has a mesh area for hanging earrings.


  • This organizer features a removable bar for hanging bracelets
  • It also comes in white and blue


  • Command strips should not be used to hang this organizer

Keebofly Jewelry Organizer  —  Best Value for Money

Display your necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings on this rustic-style jewelry holder. This set comes with two wall-mounted wood racks including one bracelet rack with 37 holders and one necklace rack that can be mixed and matched or placed in separate rooms. No assembly is required and the top rack comes in four stylish color options.


  • These shelves come with all required hanging hardware
  • It also doubles as a perfume or skin care organizer


  • Earrings with posts may not be easy to store

Y&Me Jewelry Organizer  —  Best Minimalist Design

Another great jewelry organizer with a rustic look and feel is this option that comes in a set of three. Each piece comes with a different hanging apparatus and includes 12 hooks for hanging earrings, a rod for hanging bracelets, and separate hangers for necklaces while a shelf surface provides storage for small jewelry or cosmetic items.


  • All mounting hardware is included
  • Has a total of 40 jewelry hooks


  • This should be mounted with screws only

Outshine Jewelry Organizer  —  Best Large Design

For a slightly larger option and easier access, this wood and metal organizer provides plenty of storage space. It has storage for bracelets, large hooks for necklaces, and an earring organizer with a diamond-shaped design that holds durably onto dangly earrings. Also included are a wider ledge to hold loose accessories and cosmetics and it even has two unique slots across the shelf to safely store rings and stud earrings.


  • This unit has eliminated the need to remove a rod to access any bracelets
  • Can be hung on the wall easily


  • There are minimal color options

JackCubeDesign Jewelry Organizer  —  Also Consider

This sleek-looking organizer comes with small holes, a zigzag bar for earrings, and nine hooks for necklaces, bracelets, and bangles. A bottom bar is meant for holding sunglasses or watches and the wooden top shelf can hold your perfume bottles, keys, nail polishes, and any other loose accessories.


  • The shelf comes with a metal shelf guard to prevent anything from falling
  • The bottom bar is perfect for hanging sunglasses


  • This may take some time to hang

Buying Guide: Wall-Mounted Necklace Organizers

Necklaces are great pieces of jewelry, but they can get a little messy if you don’t organize them well. Get the top wall-mounted necklace organizers in 2022 for your walls by reading this quick buyer’s guide.

What Are Wall-Mounted Necklace Organizers?

Wall-mounted necklace organizers are storage and holding compartments designed to keep your necklaces in an orderly manner when not worn. The mounted designs are often made with hooks that you place the necklace through. This shows off the full length of the necklace, so you can see both the chain and the centerpiece of the accessory without having to move the necklaces around.

Wall-mounted necklace organizers can also sometimes have additional compartments and areas for other forms of jewelry. This essentially turns the organizer into a jewelry station that you can head to whenever you want to put on or take off your accessories.

Why Do You Need a Wall-Mounted Necklace Organizer?

It saves space

One of the main advantages of wall-mounted furniture and furnishings is that they don’t take up floor space. Floor space is pretty limited, as you need at least a bit of space to move around in the room, and some furniture is meant to be placed on the floor, such as beds or wardrobes (with some exceptions, of course).

Unlike regular furniture, you won’t be sacrificing any of that special floor space. And for organizers in particular, as they’re usually placed on desks, cabinets, and the like, you’re also freeing up space in that area, too, giving you more room for other ornaments, trinkets, and the like.

You see, space in your wall is generally wasted. Take a look at your own walls for example - there’s a good chance that the only thing occupying those walls is a mirror and maybe a few picture frames and posters. You could put all sorts of things on your walls, including shelves, cupboards, and yes, necklace organizers, and they would free up space that would otherwise be occupied.

It’s convenient

What a lot of people really don’t talk about when it comes to wall-mounted things is how convenient they are to use if you’re standing. When you want to, say, retrieve an item from the drawers in your desk, you have to bend down before reaching for the item, and you’ll feel uncomfortable doing so without actually sitting down first. On the other hand, wall-mounted organizers give you more direct access.

By placing the organizer at level with where eyes are, you can easily spot which necklace you want to grab while standing in front of the organizer. Then, you just need to reach out for the necklace of choice by raising your hands, which is far easier than bending down for a bottom drawer.

You can store other items too

Necklace organizers may be designed primarily for necklaces, but that doesn’t mean you should be limited by that alone. The hooks in the organizers can be used for bracelets, bangles, and even rings, too, depending on how you want to use them. The hooks can also be used for ID lanyards and the like if you want to have a convenient place to hang those.

Aside from the hooks, organizers can also have compartments above the hook array that are separated for other items. You can put all sorts of jewelry here, from earrings and rings to sunglasses, perfume, and more. It’s basically a shelf as well as an organizer, so you can even make more efficient use of your space.

Things to Consider When Buying Wall-Mounted Necklace Organizers


Wall-mounted necklace organizers are like wall furniture. They’re often made out of wood, plastic, or even stone depending on where you buy them. As such, you’ll want to pay close attention to the design of the organizer - after all, it wouldn’t do for your beautiful necklaces to be hung on a mediocre or bland organizer.

Choosing a design is pretty subjective, so we’ll leave that part up to you, but it’s important to remember that you don’t need to limit yourself with design if you can bear with it. If the budget is more important, it should be fine if the organizer just looks a little out of place.

Number of hooks

Necklace organizers almost always have an array of hooks through which you hang your necklaces. So, you should always consider how many hooks there are before buying the organizer. First, consider how many necklaces you already own. That’s the bare minimum that you should be looking for. Then, you can consider how many necklaces you plan on getting in the near future. Add the two together and that’s the number of hooks you should be safe with.

If the resulting amount is a few hooks too many for any single product, consider buying more than one organizer. Ideally, they should have the same design and model, so you can place them side-by-side to look as natural as possible.