Always Be Stylishly Prepared With the Best Waist Belt Bags

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If you’re looking for a new bag that allows you to store all of your essentials without being bulky, look no further than a waist belt bag. Also known as fanny packs, these bags attach around your waist and carry your essentials without straining your back or shoulders.

There are all different types of waist belt bags – whether you’re looking for a way to store your stuff while running or exercising or just looking for a fashionable new accessory – we rounded up all of our favorite bags which you can see on our list of favorites, below.

Included on our list of top picks we’ve included a bag for just about everyone. There’s a bag for runners that has a reflective strip on the front that can be seen at night or in the dark, a water-resistant bag, a slim bag with hidden pockets for traveling, and so many more.

No matter what you’re looking for, you’ll be sure to find the right bag for you from our list! Here are our favorite waist belt bags of 2022!

Our Picks of the Hottest Waist Belt Bag

WATERFLY Fanny Pack  —  Best Overall

This waist belt bag does it all! It has two small pockets on the front as well as one large zipper compartment. Plus it has a hidden zipper compartment on the back so you can store things like money and credit cards. The durable nylon material of this bag makes it water-resistant which makes it perfect for exercising and it has an adjustable waist size of up to 50 inches. It’s available in 24 different colors and patterns and it fits most smartphones.


  • It is water-resistant


  • It is a bit bulky

Herschel Fifteen Waist Pack  —  Runner Up

This bag can be worn around your waist or over your shoulder and is simple, sleek, and classic. It features one zipper leading to the main compartment. It has a single pocket with an exposed zipper and knotted leather pull. It’s 100% polyester and features a clip-fastened strap that’s adjustable. It’s simple enough to be worn every day and it doesn’t take up too much room and isn’t too bulky.


  • It’s simple and classic


  • Only comes in one color

AIKENDO Fanny Pack  —  Honorable Mention

If you are a runner, then this is the ultimate bag for you. The fanny pack has a super slim design that can be worn in the front or back of your waist and the adjustable waist strap is elastic, fitting waist sizes from 28.7 inches to 41.3 inches. The actual main compartment is eight inches long and 4.7 inches deep. Even better, it’s sweatproof, lightweight, and has moisture-wicking technology. It holds a large capacity, has four waterproof layers, and is made of soft lycra material. The two best parts about this bag include the fact that it has a reflective strip on the front that glows in the dark if you’re running at night, plus, it has a built-in earphone jack so you can string your headphones through the bag while on the go.


  • It has a reflective strip for running at night


  • It only comes in two colors

Champion Waist Bag  —  Contender

If you want to make a statement without going overboard, this is the waist belt bag for you. It’s available in five different colors and patterns and is super comfortable. Made from 100% polyester, this fanny pack has one main compartment and zipper, and an adjustable strap. It can be worn around the waist or over your shoulder and it has a 16″ shoulder drop. It has a lot of room and holds a large capacity which makes it great to wear for everyday use.


  • Comes in five colors


  • Only has one zipper compartment

Tinyat Waist Pack  —  Also Consider

Now you don’t have to worry about keeping all of your essentials safe while traveling thanks to this waist belt bag! The bag has a hidden zipper pocket in the back to stash your money and credit cards, plus the nylon material makes this bag water-resistant. It’s durable, slim enough to wear under your clothes, has one main zipper compartment, and is available in 15 different colors. Inside the main compartment is another small zippered pocket to keep your valuables. The waist belt adjusts to fit waist sizes 16 to 40 inches.


  • It has a hidden pocket


  • It’s not that big

Buying Guide to Finding Waist Belt Bags

Choosing the right waist belt bag is cumbersome and quite daunting with so many options around. There are considerable variations in their features, materials, and even other aspects, so the chances of making mistakes are higher. Owing to this reason, we’ve put together this guide to help you out!

How Is a Waist Belt Bag Different From Other Travel Bags?

Even though waist belt bags are often used for outdoor activities, travels, and more, they are different from other travel bags. In the below section, we have explained a few differences between them.

  1. A waist belt bag is small and compact compared to other travel bags like rucksacks, backpacks, sling bags, and more.
  2. You can use a waist belt bag as a fanny pack, a sling bag, and a crossbody bag which won't be possible with other travel bags.
  3. You can easily keep your hands free with a waist belt bag as it can accommodate your mobile, keys, and other essentials. However, with any other travel bag, you will have to keep your mobile in your hand or carry another pouch for the valuables.

How to Choose the Right Waist Belt Bag for Yourself?

Waist size compatibility

Waist belt bags need to be worn around your lower waist region. Therefore, they should be long enough to fit your waist size properly, without putting pressure on your skin and causing aches. Usually, these products can fit waist sizes from 16 inches to 50 inches. If the bag is going to be carried by only one person, go for a product having just the size of your waist. But if others will also use it, it's better to choose a waist belt bag that can fit most waists.

Number of compartments

Most waist belt bags have one main compartment where you can put all your more significant belongings like your phone, wallet, a small water bottle, and so on. Sometimes, you can even find a small zippered inner pocket within this main compartment where you can store small valuables like rings, coins, keys, and more. If you are on a trip and want to keep your hands free, it's better to go for a waist belt bag having front pockets that will help you store items like candies, keys, makeup, handkerchiefs, and more.

Storage space

The main compartment of the waist belt bags has varying sizes, which is why you must check whether it can accommodate all your belongings or not. For example, if you want to put your phone, a small water bottle, shades, and items inside the bag go for a product with a medium-sized main compartment. If you need to store bulkier items altogether, you must choose a waist belt bag having a more prominent main pocket so that you don't have to carry anything else in your hand.

Anti-theft pocket

Most waist belt bags are equipped with an anti-theft pocket at the back. After wearing the bag, its back portion will be in direct contact with your body, which will keep it hidden from everyone’s eyes. That’s why the anti-theft pockets are usually incorporated at the back wall of the waist belt bags. Here you can stash some cash, cards, keys, and other valuables that you cannot afford to lose.

Reflective trim

Waist belt bags for athletes, hikers, cyclists, campers, and others usually have reflective trims. Once you enter a lowlight area or during the night, the trim will start glowing, thereby illuminating the surroundings enough for other people to know your location. This will help you carry on with your activity when natural sunlight is not there and maintain safety.

Strap adjustability

If you want to carry a waist belt bag like a sling or shoulder bag, go for a product having an adjustable strap. There will be a buckle using which you can increase or decrease the strap's length and use the product per your convenience.

Ease of carrying

If the chosen waist belt bag is not light and has a bulky structure (in an empty state), carrying it around your waist for a long time will be nothing but a nightmare. You will feel your lower body aching a lot, especially if you fill in multiple items inside the fanny pack. This is why you should opt for a light product, and it won't cause too many problems in transportation.

Moisture-wicking technology

Some waist belt bags have a unique moisture-wicking technology that will help the material to absorb sweat from your body and speed up the evaporation process. Therefore, the absorbed moisture will soon evaporate into the atmosphere and keep you and the bag sweatless.

Built-in earphone hole

A few waist belt bags have a hole through which you can pass the earphone easily. This way, you don't have to keep your hands full with the accessory. Also, it will help you listen to your favorite songs while traveling, camping, hiking, exercising, and so on.

What Materials Are Used for Manufacturing Waist Belt Bags?

There are three significant materials with which waist belt bags are manufactured:

  1. Nylon is used mainly because it is light, does not easily suffer from scratches, and can resist water from damaging the inner compartments. Besides, it's the most durable material, and the bag will last for a long time.
  2. Polyester is light and durable but not like nylon. However, it is cheaper and ideal for bags used regularly.
  3. Lycra is also used for manufacturing a few waist belt bags. It is pretty soft and offers a smooth texture. However, it is prone to scratches, tears, and other damages.

How Much Will a Waist Belt Bag Cost on Average?

Waist belt bags come within a price range of $11 to $29 based on various factors. Nylon and polyester bags are costlier than the bags made from lycra. For instance, if the chosen product has different designs like graphics, raised embroideries, and more, it will cost more. Similarly, a waist belt bag with larger storage space will be high-priced than the regular ones with medium-sized interiors.