Spice Up Your Hairstyle With the Best Korean Style Hair Clips

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Hair clips and barrettes have become a hot item over the past few years as they have not only become more stylish in the endless amount of chic designs, but they have also increased in size, making for a fun statement piece.

Below are a few of our favorite Korean style hair clips in 2022 that come in generous variety packs of 20 or more. Included in these sets are large pearl-style barrettes and hairpins, fun rhinestone pins with various sayings, and stylish geometric hairpins with a variety of different stones and colors.

Wear these hair clips everywhere and anywhere you go from weddings and proms to work, school, and everyday life. These barrettes also make an ideal, year-round gift option for any friends, family, or coworkers who can appreciate chic, elegant hair.

Top Korean Style Hair Clip Models Reviewed

Cehomi Hair Clips  —  Best Overall

This 20-piece set of hair clips comes with everything you need for a complete year-round hair wardrobe. This set includes barrettes and bobby-pin style clips that come in a variety of sizes and feature on-trend designs such as pearls, gemstones, and animal print styles. These hair clips are easy to wear and simply clip or slide into and out of the hair without any pain.


  • These hair clips are smooth on the surface with no sharp ends


  • Items may vary from the picture in each set

BEBEEPOO Clips & Barrettes  —  Runner Up

Another great 20-pack option is these hairpins, clips, and barrette set. With 20 different styles to choose from, you are guaranteed to always find one to meet your needs and will never get tired of switching them out. Included are a variety of acrylic hair clips, pearl hair barrettes, marble textured ones, and some great statement rhinestone bobby pins.


  • This set of barrettes comes in a nice gift box


  • If you prefer smaller clips another option might be better

DIAOSnx Hair Clips  —  Honorable Mention

This set of hair clips and barrettes comes with more than enough options to meet your daily needs. They will keep you fashionable, are elegant, simple to use, and made from safe, premium acrylic materials, that won’t fall apart with regular use. These barrettes also work great on a variety of hair types from thick to thin and are light in weight so you won’t feel the need to constantly adjust your hair.


  • Each barrette is inspected to guarantee quality


  • You may not need to use all the barrettes

Willbond Hair Clip  —  Contender

With 24 different options to choose from, you will never get tired of switching out your hair accessories. From pearls and faux marble styles to hairpins with sleek geometric designs, there is a hair clip or two that is guaranteed to please. Mix and match these pins to wear in your hair a few at a time, or keep it simple with one statement-making piece. You can even divide and conquer this set among friends and family and it makes for a great last-minute gift option for anyone on your list.


  • These clips have a soft and smooth surface that won’t snag the hair


  • Some of these clips may be too big for children to wear

YOUYOUTE Hair Clips  —  Also Consider

This assortment of 20 hair clips includes 7 pearl clips, 6 acrylic barrettes, 2 colorful hairpins, and 5 gold hairpins that can be mixed and matched to your liking. These clips are great for any style and type, whether your hair is fine or thick, straight, or curly. They are also designed with teeth for a no-slip feel and are large in size to catch the hair securely while making a statement.


  • Each pearl and bead is carefully selected and put together


  • Start with a small amount of hair and keep adding a little at a time to ensure a secure fit

Buying Guide: Korean Style Hair Clips

You need to consider a few things when picking out the perfect Korean-style hair clip. At first, it may seem like it is a pretty simple task to find a suitable hair clip.  However, it may not be the case considering the different materials used to make Korean-style hair clips, their types, designs, colors, etc. You'll want to choose a clip that compliments your outfit and personal style. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Material of Clip

When looking for a Korean hair clip, it is essential to consider its material. Some materials, like metal, can be weighty and uncomfortable to wear for an extended period. Other materials, like plastic or cloth, may not be as durable. It is crucial to find a clip that is both comfortable and durable.

Try to choose something that won't damage your hair. Plastic and plastic-coated clips tend to do minor damage than other materials such as metal or wood, while we find that coated metal is better than uncoated metal when it comes to curly hair. If you have thin or fine hair, it may be better to use a larger clip as it will help add volume.

Picking a Closure

A Korean-style hair clip typically uses a barrel or butterfly closure. It is essential to think about what kind of closure you prefer for your hair clip. Barrel closures are best suited for thicker hair, whereas butterfly closures are ideal for someone with thinner hair that may slip through a barrel closure.

Clip Size and Shape

Before purchasing a hair clip, it is vital to measure your head circumference to ensure that you pick out a clip that will fit correctly on your head. In addition to size, it is essential to know what shape you want your clip to be. A clip with a flat base will easily fit under the hair on top of your head, whereas a bow or flower-shaped hair clip may not hide as well underneath the hair on your head.


The clasp is the part of the hair clip that attaches it to your hair. There are several different types of fasteners. The most common type of clasp is the spring clip. Spring clips are very sturdy and can hold a lot of weight, but they can also be bulky. Another common type of clasp is the alligator clip. Alligator clips are smaller and more discreet than spring clips, but they are not as sturdy and can't hold as much weight.

There are also several specialty clasps, such as the French barrette and the Dutch clip. French barrettes are like spring clips but include a piece that wraps around your hair to hold it in place. Dutch clips are similar to alligator clips, but they also feature teeth on their inside surfaces.


Korean style hair clips come in various designs, and finding one that matches your style can be difficult. We suggest browsing a directory of Korean-style hair clips and then looking at some online retailers to compare each type. If you're looking for something with embellishment, consider the Korean-style tassel hair clips, which have small tassels hanging off of them.

Clips for Different Types of Hair

Another thing you need to think about is the type of hair you have. Different clips work better for different types of hair. For example, if you have thick, curly hair, you'll want a clip with a good grip to keep it in place.

Additionally, think about the comfort. You don't want something too tight on your head, but at the same time, you don't want anything too loose, or it won't stay in place either.


When looking for a hair clip, it is essential to consider the durability of the clip. It should be able to hold your hair securely without coming loose. Additionally, it should not bend or break under pressure.

Skin tone

Look for a clip that will complement your skin color and make you look your best. For example, choose a clip with a light color or design if you have a fair complexion. Select a clip with a dark color or design if you are tan-skinned.

The most popular ones come in pink, gold, or silver as they look great with any skin tone. However, if matching it with a particular outfit is your goal, then black or nude might be the color you are looking for.

Purpose of the Hair Clip

Another critical factor to consider when choosing a Korean hair clip is its purpose. Many women have different needs for their hair clips depending on what they are going to use them for. For example, if you plan on using your hair clip to wear in a workout session, you will want a sporty and functional one. However, if you plan on wearing your hair clip for a night out with friends, choose one with an elegant design.