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‘Zoey 102’: The Premiere Date, Who’s Returning & More To Know About The ‘Zoey 101’ Sequel

Zoey and the gang from Pacific Coast Academy are back together in the 'Zoey 101' sequel film. Here's the latest updates on 'Zoey 102.'

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  • Zoey 102 is the sequel film to the Nickelodeon series Zoey 101.
  • Jamie Lynn Spears is returning as Zoey Brooks.
  • Zoey 102 will premiere July 27 on Paramount+.

Jamie Lynn Spears gets to play Zoey Brooks again after 15 years in Zoey 102. And she’s joined by a handful of familiar faces! The upcoming Paramount+ film reunites Zoey with her former Pacific Coast Academy classmates, including Quinn, Chase, and Logan, a decade and a half after Zoey 101 ended on Nickelodeon. The trailer for Zoey 102 is filled with nostalgia and teases what’s in store for Zoey and her friends all these years later.

Zoey 101 aired on Nickelodeon for four seasons from 2005 to 2008. The show was canceled because Jamie Lynn, 32, got pregnant when she was 16 years old. A sequel was talked about for years, and now it’s finally happening in the form of a movie. Here’s everything you need to know about Zoey 102.

Jamie Lynn Spears

Zoey 102 Premiere Date

Zoey 102 will be released July 27 exclusively on Paramount+. The streaming service is home to all four seasons of Zoey 101. So fans can catch up on the show before they tune in for the highly-anticipated movie later this summer.

Zoey 102 Cast

Jamie Lynn Spears is returning as Zoey Brooks. Rumors that Britney Spears‘ younger sister was rebooting the show began in 2019, but it wasn’t until January 2023 that Nickelodeon confirmed that a Zoey 101 sequel film was happening. “I’m beyond thrilled to be back alongside my PCA family and continue the story of Zoey and all the characters fans know and love. As an executive producer, it’s been an exciting opportunity to work with such incredible talent as well as Paramount+ and Nickelodeon,” Jamie Lynn said in a statement.

Jamie Lynn Spears
Zoey 102 (Photo: Paramount+)

Jamie Lynn is returning alongside her fellow cast members: Erin Sanders as Quinn Pensky, Sean Flynn as Chase Matthews, Matthew Underwood as Logan Reese, Christopher Massey as Michael Barret, Abby Wilde as Stacey Dillsen, and Jack Salvatore as Mark Del Figgalo. The new cast members include: Thomas Lennon as Zoey’s boss Kelly Kevyn, Owen Thiele as Zoey’s friend Archer March, and Dean Geyer as an actor named Todd, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Several cast members from the original show won’t be in the movie. Alexa Nikolas is not coming back as Zoey’s friend Nicole, nor is Paul Butcher as Zoey’s brother, Dustin Brooks. Paul shaded the sequel film on TikTok after it was announced.

Zoey 102
Zoey 102 cast (Photo: Dana Hawley/Paramount+)

Victoria Justice and Austin Butler are not reprising their respective roles as Lola Martinez and James Garrett. Austin said in Feb. 2023 that he wasn’t asked to participate in the film. “I’m so grateful for all those stepping tones that I had throughout my career. Zoey 101 was a big turning point for me, because it was the first time I was ever a series regular on a show, so I got to be part of an entire season,” the Elvis star said on Variety‘s Awards Circuit podcast. “I remember getting my first line on a TV show, and that was huge for me, you have all these different moments that are pivotal for you, but now I’m just going after whatever story resonates with me or whatever director or actors that I really want to work with,” he added.

Zoey 102 Trailer

The Zoey 102 trailer was released June 20. Jamie gets asked to be the maid of honor at Quinn and Logan’s wedding. But Zoey is nervous about reuniting with her ex Chase at the wedding. “It’ll be the reunion we all need!” Quinn says. Zoey decides to hire an actor to “play her boyfriend” at Quinn’s wedding. Zoey’s pretend boyfriend goes introduces himself to everyone else as Hugo Hemsworth.

“When did life get so messy? I would kill to go back to PCA,” Zoey tells Chase during a sweet moment on the beach. He replies, “I’m sure we’d all love to go back.” The trailer hints that Zoey and Chase may reconcile their relationship, after all.

Jamie Lynn Spears
Jamie Lynn Spears as Zoey Brooks (Photo: Dana Hawley/Paramount+)

The official description for Zoey 102 reads: “Over a decade after the iconic series ended, Zoey 102 finds Zoey Brooks still trying to figure out life and love, this time in her 20s. Zoey and Chase did not end up in Hawaii that summer and haven’t heard from each other since. When close friends Quinn and Logan announce they’re getting married, Zoey and Chase find themselves in the wedding party.”