Victoria Larson: 5 Things To Know About The Woman Who’s Stirring Up Trouble On ‘The Bachelor’

After emerging as this season's 'villain' during 'The Bachelor' premiere, Victoria Larson will continue to bring the drama during the show's Jan. 11 episode.

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On every season of The Bachelor, there’s always one woman who rubs many of the other ladies the wrong way from the get-go. For season 25, that woman is Victoria Larson, who arrived to meet Matt James with a crown on her head during the show’s Jan. 4 premiere. She then proceeded to take up quite a bit of Matt’s time during the first cocktail party, while some women got no one-on-one time at all.

Victoria will continue to be at the center of the drama during the show’s Jan. 11 episode, too. A press release for the episode reveals that she’ll be particularly jealous of Matt’s one-on-one date with another contestant, Bri Springs. Based on what we’ve seen from Victoria so far, we can definitely expect her to be vocal about her feelings — good and bad — on the show. Here’s more to know about the 27-year-old:

victoria larson
Victoria Larson’s promo photo for season 25 of ‘The Bachelor.’ (ABC)

1. She runs her own beauty company. Victoria is the owner of Victoria Larson Beauty, which is featured on her Instagram account ‘JetSetGlo’, for her spray tanning services. The website for Victoria Larson Beauty sells certain beauty products, while also providing coaching sessions and other plans for diets and detoxes. There’s also a blog for Victoria to share her beauty and diet routines. Although Victoria is clearly an entrepreneur, she lists her job title as a ‘Queen’ on her ABC bio.

2. Where did she go to college? Victoria currently resides in Los Angeles, but she went to college at Florida State University. She then attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition through New York University. Bri is also a certified pilates instructor.

3. She is obsessed with her dog. Victoria has a Goldendoodle dog named Cocoa who she calls the “light of [her] life.” Her Instagram bio even makes sure to point out that she is ‘Cocoa’s Mom.” Of course, the dog is featured quite a bit on her social media page.

matt james victoria larson
Matt James spends time with Victoria Larson on a one-on-one date. (ABC)

4. She’s struggled with addiction. In 2019, Victoria tried out for the Miss California pageant. In an Instagram post, she opened up about what she wanted to use her platform for after the pageant, which is where she revealed her addiction struggles. “I am so excited for Miss California USA and and my platform of lobbying for stricter pharmaceutical laws after struggling with Adderall addiction in my life,” Victoria explained.

5. She once worked as a flight attendant. In Dec. 2018, Victoria uploaded a photo of herself working as a flight attendant on a private plane. She wore a blue flight attendant uniform and captioned the pic, “Up, Up and Away,” along with the hashtags #privatejet #flightattendant #work and #travel.

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