Victoria Baamonde: 5 Things To Know About The Cunning ‘Survivor: Edge Of Extinction’ Finalist

Ahead of the big 'Survivor: Edge of Extinction' finale on May 15, get to know one of this season's finalists, Victoria Baamonde, right here.

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Victoria Baamonde, 23, is in the running to win $1 million and the title of Sole Survivor on the May 15 finale of Survivor: Edge of Extinction. The red head is one of five finalists remaining in the competition, along with Rick Devens, Lauren O’Connell, Julie Rosenberg and Gavin Whitson. However, a sixth player will join the mix during the finale — 11 castaways are still roughing it on the Edge of Extinction, where they’ve been waiting for a shot at getting back in the game since being voted out. Yep, that means players like Reem Daly, Chris Underwood and Aubry Bracco, who were eliminated BEFORE the merge, still have a chance to win their way back in and possibly win the whole thing. As we await the finale, get to know Victoria better here:

1. She’s super smart. Victoria graduated from City University of New York – Hunter College with a Bachelor’s degree in Physical and Environmental Geography in 2016. She was named the valedictorian of her classic with a perfect 4.0 GPA, which she says is her personal claim to fame. “I bring it up in conversations as much as possible,” Victoria admitted in her CBS bio.

2. She’s an animal lover. Victoria talks about both of her guinea pigs in her bio for Survivor, and even said that one of them, Scamp, is her biggest inspiration in life. Victoria explained that Scamp was sick from the moment she got him, but is still the “happiest, feistiest and most amazing little fur-ball. I just respect that about her and strive to be that simplistically happy.” She also has the following quote in her Instagram bio: “They say having a dog increases your life span. If that’s true I’m gonna live for f***ing ever.”

3. She works as a waitress. Victoria’s Survivor bio lists her occupation as a waitress, although her LinkedIn also says she’s an Assistant Manager at AKC (American Kennel Club), which would fit with her love of animals!

4. She’s a New York girl! Victoria grew up in the Bronx and she still lives there to this day!

5. She’s been a fan of ‘Survivor’ for a long time. Victoria said she’s been watching Survivor since she was a little kid, which is part of the reason she wanted to be on the show. “It’s always been something I wanted to do!” she revealed.

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