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Sai De Silva: 5 Things To Know About The Fashion Blogger On ‘RHONY’

Sai De Silva is one of the six women leading the new era of 'The Real Housewives Of New York City.' Get to know more about Sai here!

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Sai De Silva
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  • Sai De Silva is a content creator and fashion blogger.
  • Sai is a cast member on season 14 of The Real Housewives of New York City.
  • Sai is married with two children.

Sai De Silva will be introduced to the Bravo world when The Real Housewives of New York City returns on Sunday, July 16. Sai is a cast member on season 14 which features a new group of women who navigate their personal and professional lives in the Big Apple. Sai was announced as a cast member at BravoCon in October 2022 and she started shooting with the other women shortly after. Keep reading to learn more about Sai.

Sai De Silva
Sai De Silva (Photo: Gavin Bond/Bravo)

Sai is on the new season of ‘RHONY’.

Sai is one of six women joining season 14 of The Real Housewives of New York City. Her co-stars include Ubah Hassan, Erin Dana Lichy, Jenna Lyons, Jessel Taank, and Brynn Whitfield. Sai’s tagline for the season is: “In New York there’s a lot of bad apples, but I’m the baddest of the bunch.”

Sai appeared on HollywoodLife‘s Pay Attention Puh-Lease! podcast and confirmed she watched bits and pieces of RHONY before she joined the cast. “I looked at the last season, maybe three episodes, but it changed so much that I wasn’t getting what I wanted from it,” she said. Sai also confirmed she loves The Real Housewives of Atlanta and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

She’s a content creator.

Sai is a content creator and fashion blogger. She has her own blog, Scout the City, where she posts about fashion and lifestyle topics like travel, food, and more. Sai has over 400K followers on Instagram — the most of any new RHONY cast member. She’s also active on YouTube, where she has over 50K subscribers.

She lives in Brooklyn.

Sai is the only RHONY season 14 cast member to live in Brooklyn. It’s shades of Alex McCord, who was infamously mistreated by the original RHONY cast for residing in Brooklyn. When Sai came on the Pay Attention Puh-Lease! podcast, she explained why she’s proud to be a Brooklyn native.

“Brooklyn is fun. It’s great. It’s evolved so much. It’s not what it used to be,” Sai said. “I grew up here. I went to high school here. I went to college here. I’ve seen Brooklyn drastically change over the years. Brooklyn is always going to be my heart.”

Sai De Silva
Sai De Silva (Photo: Noam Galai/Bravo)

She’s married.

Sai has been married to David Craig since 2009. While Sai shows her life on social media, her husband is much more private. But that’s about to change thanks to RHONY. Davis will be featured on the Bravo show.

She has two kids.

Sai and David share two children, London and Rio. Sai named both of her kids after cities. Sai’s daughter’s middle name is Scout, which she used for the name of her popular website. Sai’s kids will also be featured on the new season of RHONY.