Robin Givens: 5 Things To Know About Actress Setting The Record Straight On Brad Pitt Relationship

You know Robin Givens as one of the stars of 'Riverdale' and 'Head of the Class', and for her marriage to heavyweight championship Mike Tyson. Here's what else you should know about the actress.

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Riverdale star Robin Givens, who is partially known for her relationships, set the record straight about one guy she never actually dated: Brad Pitt! In an interview on WWHL, the actress, 54, denied ex-husband heavyweight champ Mike Tyson‘s claim that he caught her and the actor doing the deed in a parked car in the early 1990s. As if that tidbit isn’t revealing enough, here’s a few more things to know about Robin:

1. She’s an amazing actress. Robin’s career as an actress started in 1986, when she was just a teenager, and she won her breakthrough role as Darlene Merriman on the sitcom Head of the Class. Before that, she guest starred on shows like Diff’rent Strokes and The Cosby Show. After the series ended in 1991, her star power only grew. She guest starred on TV shows like Tyler Perry’s House of Payne, Lucifer, Once Upon a Time, and more. She currently plays Mayor McCoy on Riverdale.

2. She went to Sarah Lawrence College and Harvard after graduating high school at 15. Robin has a seriously impressive resume. Robin skipped several grades and graduated from high school when she was just 15 years old. She enrolled in Sarah Lawrence, as a pre-med major. She then attended Harvard Medical School, but dropped out after two years. After college, she landed her Head of the Class role.

3. She was married to Mike Tyson for one year, and he admitted to physically abusing her. The couple met in 1986, and married in 1988. She filed for divorce that October. She said in a joint interview with the boxer on 20/20 that, following a miscarriage, their marriage began to fall apart. She told Barbara Walters that living with Mike, now 52, was “torture, pure hell, worse than anything I could possibly imagine.” She later alleged spousal abuse, which Mike claimed was a ploy to get his money after the divorce. He confessed to it, though, in the 1989 biography, Fire and Fear: The Inside Story of Mike Tyson. He wrote that he punched Robin, and that, “that was the best punch I’ve ever thrown in my entire life.” This was the same year that the couple finalized their divorce.

4. She set the record straight in a WWHL interview about her “relationship” with Brad Pitt. Host Andy Cohen grilled Robin about rumors that she dated Brad Pitt, during the recent June 9 episode of Watch What Happens Live. Robin knew Brad back in the 80s, because he guest starred on Head of the Class before he was famous. Mike Tyson claimed in his 2013 memoir, Undisputed Truth, that he once drove over to Robin’s house after their divorce and saw her in a car with Brad in the driveway. Robin confirmed that that was true, but shot down Mike’s claim that he caught them in bed together! She said that they were simply running lines together after coming back from a screening. Mike also claimed that Brad was terrified of him, which Robin also shot down. “Does that sound like Brad?” she asked. “I mean, Brad’s got some swag. No, never.”

5. She called Howard Stern a “magnificent lover.” So Andy Cohen really got Robin to open up in that WWHL interview. You may not want to hear this, but the shock jock, who dated Robin, talks about how small his penis is frequently. Robin said that’s not true. “No, no. It was all good. It was all really good… Howard Stern was a magnificent lover. Like, unbelievable.” Sorry!!

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