Michael Winslow: 5 Things To Know About The Amazing Voice Actor On ‘AGT’

Michael Winslow is returning to the 'AGT' stage for the final round of the season 16 quarterfinals. Here's what you need to know about the season 16 standout.

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Michael Winslow, 62, was an instant hit when he auditioned for America’s Got Talent during the July 13 episode. Michael’s voice act impressed the judges, and they wanted him back for more. Michael will be back on AGT for the last edition of the season 16 quarterfinals on August 24 in hopes of making it to the semi-finals.

Michael’s not just an actor — he can recreate almost any sound out there! Michael has been in the business of Hollywood for a long time, but he’s ready for the next chapter of his career. From his acting past to his family, HollywoodLife has rounded up 5 things you need to know about Michael.

Michael Winslow
Michael Winslow during his ‘AGT’ audition. (NBC)

1. Michael is a ‘voicetramentalist.’

Michael dubs himself a “voicetramentalist.” He is also known as The Man of 10,000 Sound Effects. During his AGT intro video, Michael says he is now into the “hundreds of thousands” when it comes to sound effects. According to his website, Michael can “recreate any sound known to man and more.” After his incredible audition, Howie Mandel called Michael a “trailblazer.” Sofia Vergara added, “You’re not human!”

2. Michael is known for his roles in ‘Police Academy’ movies.

Michael got his big break in the 1984 film Police Academy as Larvell Jones. He appeared in all 7 of the Police Academy movies, the last of which was released in 1994. He also had roles in Gremlins, SpaceballsCheech and Chong’s Next Movie, Nice Dreams, and more. Michael notably appeared in Cadbury and GEICO commercials.

3. Michael has been married 3 times.

Michael’s first wife was Belinda Church. They married in 1985 and had two children together. Belinda died in 1993. Michael married Angela Baytops in 1997, and they split in 2001. He married Sharon Winslow in 2003, and they divorced in 2014.

4. He quit acting to raise his kids.

During his AGT introduction, Michael revealed that he stopped making movies because of his kids. “I had to raise them because I became a widower,” Michael said. “Now after raising my two kids I’m in a different phase. I think this is my time.”

Michael Winslow
Michael Winslow has been acting since 1984. (NBC)

5. Michael hitchhiked to Los Angeles. 

Michael has been making sounds since he was a child. After high school, he hitchhiked to Los Angeles to start his career. “I didn’t know what I was going to do. I just knew I wanted to do this,” he said on AGT.