‘AGT’ Recap: Ray Singleton’s Moving Audition For His Wife Makes Him An Instant Frontrunner

It's the summer of 'AGT' auditions! The July 13 episodes featured an incredible mentalist, voice actor, singer, and more. The final audition of the night was one of the best yet.

Temple London, a.k.a. “kung fu fam,” takes the stage first at the start of the July 13 episode of America’s Got Talent. The father and son have all flown in from the U.K. to audition for AGT. The dynamic duo has great energy and action. The kid has amazing skills on the bars, as well as on the floor. The judges love this father-son duo, and they kick off the night in a great way.

Hiplet Ballerinas
The Hiplet Ballerinas on ‘AGT.’ (NBC)

Hiplet Ballerinas are ready to change the ballerina game. This group from Chicago is all about inclusivity. The Hiplet Ballerinas bring their A-game to AGT. “That was more than ballet,” Howie Mandel raves. “You guys are nutcrackers.” Simon Cowell tells the ladies that it was a “really good audition,” and he likes their energy and personality.

Michael Winslow Stuns The Judges

Michael Winslow is a Hollywood legend. The former Police Academy star is a renowned “voicestramentalist” and ready to take AGT by storm. He makes noises for a living, and he totally wows the judges with his skills. “You are a trailblazer,” a stunned Howie says. “You’re not human!” Sofia Vergara jokes.

Michael Winslow
Michael Winslow auditions for ‘AGT.’ (NBC)

Kevin Micoud’s dream is to perform in Las Vegas, so he’s come to the right place. Kevin is a mentalist, unlike anything AGT has ever seen. He uses technology and graphics to truly wow the audience. He predicts what’s in people’s heads! “This act was sensational,” Simon says.

Scarlet Business is another memorable performance of the latest AGT auditions. He takes his contortion act to the next level — drag! Simon calls Scarlet Business “a real diva,” and he loves that.

Ray Singleton Is A Standout

The final performance of the night comes from Ray Singleton. The singer from Charlotte has decided to sing a love song dedicated to his wife, Roslyn. He says that she’s the reason he’s come on AGT. She’s a Navy vet and brain cancer survivor.

His performance is full of emotion. There’s no denying that Ray has a truly stellar voice. After the incredible performance, the judges bring Roslyn out. Her eyes are full of tears. The judges are in awe of Ray and his love story with Roslyn. Simon tells Ray that both his voice and song were “fantastic.”

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