Mason Morfit: 5 Things To Know About Jordana Brewster’s Tech CEO Fiancé

The 'Fast And Furious' star revealed that the CEO had popped the question in an Instagram post that slyly showed off her ring.

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Jordana Brewster, Mason Morfit
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I hear wedding bells! Jordana Brewster, 41, announced that she got engaged to her now-fiancé Mason Morfit, 44, on Tuesday September 14. The Secrets and Lies actor shared that Mason had proposed in an Instagram post, where the took a selfie on the beach, as Jordana cuddled up to her future husband. While it wasn’t prominently displayed, a ring could be seen on her finger, and she also shared that her initials would be changing. “JB soon to be JBM,” she wrote in the caption. Learn more about the tech CEO that has won Jordana’s heart!

1. Mason is the CEO of ValueAct Capital 

Mason’s company’s specialty is investments, and it manages over $16 billion in assets. He became the CEO of the company in January 2020, via Financial Times. He joined the company when he was 25 and worked there ever since. Before he joined ValueAct, he worked at Credit Suisse First Boston’s health care group, and he has a degree from Princeton, according to his bio on the company website.

2. Mason plays guitar

While he’s certainly kept busy with his job in the investment world, Mason also has some very cool hobbies. The CEO is a big Star Wars fan, and he plays in the band Birdseed, via FT. The rock group released an EP back in 2017, called Not Out of Time, consisting of some pretty straightforward classic rock stylings. Mason formed the band to perform covers of rock songs with bassist George Bolton and drummer Scott Bell, via BroadwayWorld. The band has also gotten the opportunity to open for well-established acts like Nathaniel Rateliff. 

Jordana revealed that Mason had proposed in a Tuesday Instagram post. (Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP/Shutterstock)

3. Mason was on the Microsoft Board of Directors

While his main focus is investments, Mason has shown an interest in tech companies. The company manages assets for tons of companies, including many that are staked in information technology, such as Adobe Systems, Inc., Microsoft Corp., Motorola Solutions, Inc. and more. Mason also has his time as a member of Microsoft’s board of directors listed on his LinkedIn page. He served from March 2014 to November 2017.

4. Mason has a limited social media presence

While Mason may be engaged to a celebrity, he seems like he mostly stays out of the spotlight. His Instagram account is private, and it seemed like he took an extended break from Twitter between 2017 and 2020. Some of his most recent Twitter activity was retweeting posts from the official account for his fiancée’s latest film in the Fast and the Furious franchise F9. Notably, one he shared was Jordana reacting to a tweet where a fan called her the “love of my life.” Cute!

5. Mason is the son of diplomat.

Mason spent his childhood in India and Indonesia, because one of his parents was a diplomat for the United States, according to the Financial Times. He returned to the States when he was in middle school and lived in Washington D.C. and went to the prestigious Quaker school Sidwell Friends. The school had plenty of notable alumni, including four presidents’ kids, such as Chelsea Clinton and Sasha and Malia Obama.