Kymberly Herrin: 5 Things To Know About ‘Ghostbusters’ Actress & Playboy Playmate Dead At 65

Kymberly Herrin was a former actress, Playboy cover model, & more. Here are five things to know about the star who died in Oct. 2022.

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Image Credit: Columbia Pictures / Everett Collection

  • Kymberly Herrin was an actress and Playboy cover model who shot to fame during the 1980s.
  • She also starred in several hit music videos with popular music groups during that time.
  • On Nov. 16, 2022, news broke that the blonde beauty had tragically passed away in Oct. of that year.

Actress and model Kymberly Herrin got many hearts racing during her days of fame in the 1980s, especially when she appeared in Ghostbusters in 1984. She was born on Oct. 2, 1957, and unfortunately passed away on Oct. 28, 2022. Amid the painful news of her death, below are five things to know about Kymberly and her successful career in entertainment, including a clip of her in ZZ Top’s “Legs” music video.

1. She Starred In A ZZ Top Music Video

Kymberly had many talents, as mentioned above, but she especially loved music. In 1983, the rock band ZZ Top released their hit song titled “Legs”, and later released a music video for the track. Kymberly starred in the music video at the time, which also won an MTV Music Award for Best Group Video in 1984. You can see Kymberly in the popular video above, as she is the one wearing a bright-red crop top, leather mini-skirt, and fishnet tights.

2. Kymberly Herrin Appeared In ‘Ghostbusters’

Kymberly Herrin appeared in the 1984 movie ‘Ghostbusters’ in the role of the Dream Ghost. (Columbia Pictures / Everett Collection)

In 1984, Kymberly was enjoying her success from modeling and acting. That year she appeared in the hit movie Ghostbusters alongside Harold RamisBill Murray, and Dan Aykroyd. The blonde beauty played the role of the Dream Ghost who visited Dan’s character, Ray, during his sleep.

3. She Was A ‘Playboy’ Cover Model

Aside from her acting career, Kymberly was a very successful model. She appeared on multiple Playboy covers including the Sept. 1982 issue, as well as the Sept. issue of the following year. In March 1981, Playboy officially crowned her Playmate of the Month, and featured an interview with her where she revealed her other talents.

Kymberly told the outlet at the time that she played the flute, as well as the guitar. “I used to ride my bike down there when I was a student at Santa Barbara City College and park beside a fiberglass tunnel. I’d sit there, where I could watch the sun set on the Pacific, and aim my flute down the tunnel. People walked by, different couples, and I’d play music to fit them,” she said at the time. “If it was an older man and woman, maybe in their 50s, I’d play something like ‘Moon River’. When a young couple passed, or maybe a girl walking alone, I’d play something contemporary like ‘The Girl from Ipanema’. I like to be alone with my flute. People who play music are never really alone.”

4. Kymberly Died In October 2022

News of the starlet’s death broke on Nov. 16, 2022, just a couple of weeks after Kymberly died on Oct. 28, 2022, at the age of 65, according to the New York Post. Her obituary was published by the Santa Barbara News Press, but they did not reveal her cause of death. “If you are so moved, please make a donation in Kym’s memory to the American Cancer Society to further the research of the prevention and treatment of breast cancer,” the obituary read. Her niece, Theresa Ramirez, also confirmed Kymberly’s death via a Facebook post on Oct. 28, 2022. “They are all together now. Aunt Kymberly Herrin. I love you,” she captioned the photo of the late actress and other family members.

5. The Late Star Loved To Travel

When Kymberly wasn’t working on the set of music videos and movies, she was busy traveling the world. According to the obituary, she was fond of traveling and even spent some time sailing on a “75-foot yacht” for many years of her life. Some of the locations she sailed through included the California Coast, the Panama Canal, in the Sea of Cortez, in Baja and into the Caribbean. The beloved talented lady is survived by her mother Billie Dodson, her brother, Mark Herrin, nieces Theresa Ramirez and Stephanie Ross, nephews Brandon Herrin & Trevor Triegor.