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Jarrett ‘JT’ Thomas: 5 Things to Know About the New ‘Southern Charm’ Cast Member

There's a new Charmer in town, and you better buckle up. JT Thomas will be shaking things up in 'Southern Charm' season 9.

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JT Thomas
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  • JT Thomas is a new cast member in Southern Charm season 9.
  • JT is friends with Shep Rose and Craig Conover.
  • JT gets into a fight with Austen Kroll.

There’s never a shortage of drama on Southern Charm. Season 9 is welcoming new cast members, including Jarrett “JT” Thomas. JT wasn’t in the season 9 premiere, but he’ll be a major player this season.

So, who is JT Thomas? Like Rodrigo Reyes, he’s been an acquaintance of several Charmers for a long time. Get to know JT as the season continues.

JT Is in the Real Estate Business.

JT is the founder of the real estate company The Inns, which is successful in the luxury vacation rental space. The company started out in Charleston but has since expanded across the country.

JT Is Friends With the Charmers.

JT is already friends with Southern Charm cast members Shep Rose, Craig Conover, and Austen Kroll. Similar to his co-stars, JT is a “pro at partying.” Shep spoke EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife about what JT brings to the show. “He adds something, and I think you’re going to be interested in what he has to say in a lot of different situations,” Shep said.

JT Gets Physical With Austen Kroll.

In the explosive season 9 trailer, there’s a brief moment when JT goes at Austen, 36, during a party. “He and Austen really butt heads this season, and he calls Austen out on his bulls**t,” Shep, 43, told HollywoodLife. “He comes in guns blazing. It’s kind of fun to watch because I wasn’t in his crosshairs that I know of.”

JT Goes on a Date With Taylor Ann Green.

In the wake of her breakup with Shep, Taylor Ann Green goes out with JT. “I feel like our souls are connected. I’m blown away,” he says to her in the season 9 trailer. According to his NBC bio, JT is “looking for a partner to spend the rest of his life with and has a particular southern belle in mind.”

JT Is One of Three New Cast Members.

Season 9 will not feature Kathryn Dennis and Naomie Olindo as main cast members. To beef up the cast, Southern Charm added JT, Rodrigo, and Rod Razavi as new cast members in the ninth season.