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Rodrigo Reyes: 5 Things To Know About the ‘Southern Charm’ Season 9 Newbie

'Southern Charm' season 9 will feature some new faces, including Rodrigo Reyes.

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Rodrigo Reyes
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  • Rodrigo Reyes is a new cast member of Southern Charm season 9.
  • Rodrigo is an interior designer.
  • Rodrigo has a longtime partner.

It’s time to head back to Charleston! Southern Charm returns for season 9 on Sept. 14, and new faces are joining the Charmers. Rodrigo Reyes is one of the brand-new cast members.

So, who is Rodrigo Reyes? Even though he’s new to Southern Charm, most of the cast knows him very well. As season 9 gets underway, here’s what you need to know about Rodrigo.

Rodrigo Is One of Three New Cast Members

Rodrigo is one of the new season 9 cast members, along with Rod Razazi and J.T. Thomas. Three cast members are filling the void left by previous cast members Kathryn Dennis and Naomie Olindo, who did not return as cast members for season 9.

Rodrigo reyes
Rodrigo Reyes with Craig Conover and Austen Kroll. (Bravo)

Rodrigo Is an Interior Designer

Rodrigo has his own interior design business called RAR Designs, which is based out of Charleston, South Carolina. In the bio of his company’s Instagram page, Rodrigo calls himself an “interior décorateur & floral designer.”

Rodrigo Has a Boyfriend

Rodrigo has been in a long-term relationship with his boyfriend, Tyler Dugas, for 8 years now. Rodrigo told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that Tyler will be featured on the show during season 9. “He’s a doctor of physical therapy at an area hospital, and when he can, he makes it there [on the show]. He’s also there to give some advice to Craig [Conover]. I mean, everyone loves Tyler,” Rodrigo said about his love.

Rodrigo Was ‘Initially’ Hesitant About Joining the Show

Rodrigo told HollywoodLife that “initially” there was some hesitation about putting his and Tyler’s lives in the public eye. “I think once Tyler was able to kind of overcome that idea and realize, hey, we’re gonna be hanging out with our friends. It’s not like we’re being thrust amongst strangers. That’s what made it a little more reassuring for him just in the matter of putting your life out there.”

Rodrigo Has Been Friends With the Charmers for Years

Rodrigo has been a longtime friend of Shep Rose and other Charmers. In his official Southern Charm bio, Rodrigo’s role amongst the Charmes is to “keep them grounded.”