Jonathan Young: 5 Things To Know About The Physical Threat On ‘Survivor’

After emerging as a threat in challenges since day one of 'Survivor' season 42, Jonathan Young has proven that his social game is also strong. Learn more about the fierce competitor here.

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Image Credit: CBS/Robert Voets

Jonathan Young single-handedly won some challenges for his original tribe, Taku, on season 42 of Survivor, and it helped him make it to the merge during the April 13 episode. Now, he’s in the majority alliance and has put himself in a strong position amongst the remaining ten players. Of course, anything can happen in the game of Survivor, and there’s still plenty of game left to play! Ahead of the April 27 episode, learn more about Jonathan here:

1. What Does Jonathan Young Do?

Jonathan has owned a Beach Services company in Gulf Shores, Alabama since he was just 18 years old. His day-to-day tasks involves setting up and taking down beach equipment, like umbrellas, and bringing kayaks and paddleboards through the sand to the water. He also auditioned for the WWE twice and has worked as a bodyguard for world leaders.

jonathan young
Jonathan Young on season 42 of ‘Survivor.’ (CBS/Robert Voets)

2. Jonathan Previously Competed On A ‘Survivor’-Like Show

When Jonathan was just 14 years old, he competed on the sixth season of the Discovery Kids show Endurance. He described it as “Survivor for kids,” and said he’s been “itching to try the real thing” ever since. Jonathan’s team came in third place on Endurance, which took place in Fiji, just like season 42 of Survivor. “That show was basically a dumbed-down version of this show,” Jonathan told Parade. “You couldn’t starve us because we were just kids. But I got a taste of what Survivor would be like.”

3. Jonathan Was A College Athlete

Jonathan doesn’t just look like an athlete — he IS one! Jonathan was on the swim team at the University of Alabama, which is obviously a big help when it comes to water challenges on Survivor. “Swimming at the University of Alabama taught Jonathan discipline and how to train with world class athletes and coaches,” his website reveals. Jonathan attended University of Alabama on a swimming scholarship after being homeschooled.

jonathan young
Jonathan talks strategy with Lydia on ‘Survivor.’ (CBS/Robert Voets)

4. Jonathan Has A Company Called Young Strength

In addition to his beach services company, Jonathan also started an organization called Young Strength. The company “strives to help people find their true purpose and ways for them to use their gifts to help others,” according to the website. “Our goal is to help the helpless, defend the defenseless and speak for those who cannot.” His goal with the company is to help people “find their God given purpose”.

5. Jonathan Broke A World Record

Jonathan broke the Guinness World Record for most pullups with 100 pounds on his back. He says this is his most proud accomplishment.

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