Jon Garcia: 5 Things To Know About Nikki & Brie Bella’s Biological Dad On ‘Total Bellas’

Nikki and Brie Bella will reunite with their father, Jon Garcia, on the April 9 episode of 'Total Bellas.' Here's more to know about the WWE stars' dad.

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For the first time ever, Nikki Bella and Brie Bella’s biological father, Jonathan Garcia, will be appearing on their reality show, Total Bellas. While Nikki and Brie’s mom, Kathy Colace, and their stepdad, John Laurinaitis, have appeared on the show quite a bit, Jon has been out of the picture. The twins have had a rocky relationship with their dad over the years, but have recently reconnected with him, and it will play out on the show. Ahead of Jon’s Total Bellas debut on April 9, here’s more to know:

1. What was his relationship with the twins’ mom? Jon and Kathy were together for 15 years. They had the twins in San Diego, California, and then moved to Arizona, where they raised them. In addition to Nikki and Brie, Jon and Kathy also have a son, JJ Garcia. Jon and Kathy are no longer on speaking terms, and based on preview clips from Total Bellas, it appears that she gets pretty upset when she learns that her daughters are in contact with him.

2. He’s re-married with a new family. Since his split from Kathy and estrangement from the Bellas, Jon remarried his now-wife, Ana Garcia. Together, they have two kids — a daughter and a son. He also appears to have a child from another previous relationship, as his Instagram bio says he has “six beautiful children and five granddaughters.”

3. He didn’t tell Nikki and Brie when his son was born. Back in 2015, Brie referenced her relationship with her father on Total Bellas. She revealed that he had unfollowed her on Instagram, and said she only found out that he was expecting a son from looking at his Instagram page.

4. We’ll learn more about Jon in the twins’ memoir. Later this year, Nikki and Brie Bella will be releasing their memoir, Incomparable, which will delve further into their childhood and reveal more about their relationship with Jon.

5. He’s of Mexican heritage. Nikki and Brie get their Latina roots from Jon. Despite not being close with him for years, they have always embraced this side of their identity.

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