Hunter Grayson: 5 Things To Know About The Dashing ‘Farmer Wants A Life’ Suitor

Hunter Grayson is opening up his heart on 'Farmer Wants A Wife.' Get to know this handsome suitor looking for love on TV.

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Hunter Grayson
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  • Hunter is from Georgia.
  • Hunter is a musician.
  • Hunter is one of the suitors of Farmer Wants a Wife.

Hunter Grayson is looking to find the right woman to share his life and farm with. The 31-year-old Georgian is one of the stars of Farmer Wants A Wife, FOX’s new country-fried hit. Hunter has already chosen a group of ladies to bring back to his farm in Georgia.

So, who is Hunter Grayson? He’s making big moves on and off the farm. From his background to his music, HollywoodLife has rounded up what you need to know about Hunter as Farmer Wants A Wife continues.

Hunter Grayson
Hunter Grayson is one of the ‘Farmer Wants A Wife’ stars. (FOX)

1. Hunter is a farmer living in Georgia.

Hunter is a farmer and cattle producer from Watkinsville, Georgia. He is a fifth-generation cattle and horse rancher, so farming is a big part of his family’s legacy. Hunter is very close with his family. His mother, Cissy, sadly passed away in 2019.

2. Hunter is a country music singer.

When he’s not on the ranch, Hunter is making music! Hunter has always had a fondness for music, but he started to really play guitar and write songs in 2015, according to his website. He formed The Hat Creek Band a year later. Hunter has been consistently performing for years now.

3. Hunter is looking for a woman to “grow” with.

HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Hunter at the Farmer Wants A Wife premiere event in New York City and what he’s looking for in a woman. “For me, it’s just somebody that’s willing to appreciate this lifestyle,” Hunter told HollywoodLife. “I want somebody I can grow with and keep pushing me to move forward in life and really enjoy life with. I want somebody where we challenge each other and make things a lot more interesting. I don’t want a dull life, and I think relationships should be exciting.”

Hunter Grayson
Hunter Grayson on the farm. (FOX)

4. Hunter reveals one of the challenges of Farmer Wants A Wife.

In Farmer Wants A Wife, the ladies are brought back to the homes of the suitors to learn their way of life. Hunter admitted that it was definitely an adjustment going from living alone to having a group of women living with him. “I’m used to living with my dog and myself in my house, and now you’re sharing this space with all these other ladies and having to spend time and share your home. I would say it was an eye-opening experience. I’ve never had anybody live with me, not since college anyway,” Hunter revealed to HollywoodLife.

5. Hunter is on Instagram.

Hunter is active on Instagram under the handle @huntergraysonmusic. He frequently posts photos of his outdoor experiences, roping events, and his family.

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