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Allen Foster: 5 Things To Know About The Handsome ‘Farmer Wants A Wife’ Star

Allen Foster is one of the dashing stars of 'Farmer Wants A Life.' Get to know this country boy as he searches for love.

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Allen Foster
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  • Allen is one of the four farmers of Farmer Wants A Wife.
  • Allen is from Tennessee.
  • Allen wants a woman who enjoys the farm lifestyle.

Allen Foster is ready for some country love! The 32-year-old farmer is one of the suitors of Farmer Wants A Wife, which premieres March 8 on FOX. Single women will come to Allen’s farm to try and form a connection with Allen. Will he find true love?

Who is Allen Foster? This hunky star wants a life partner to start the next chapter of his life. HollywoodLife has everything you need to know about Allen.

Allen Foster
Allen Foster is one of the suitors. (FOX)

1. Allen is looking for a woman who can handle life on the farm.

“Life on the farm is different for everybody but, for me, it’s just a place where I’m happy,” Allen reveals in his introduction video. The cattle rancher revealed to FOX 17 that he decided to pursue the show to “find a young lady that was at least leaning towards that kind of lifestyle and see where that might take me.”

A dealbreaker for him? A lady who isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. “I don’t know how you plan on being a farmer rancher’s wife if you can’t deal with a little cow manure,” he told The Sun.

2. Allen is from Tennessee.

Allen is from Santa Fe, Tennessee. Allen owns a 200-acre cattle ranch in Williamsport, Tennessee, according to The Sun. He’s always been a Tennesse boy. He attended the University of Tennessee.

3. Allen loves the outdoors.

Allen is a country boy through and through. He frequently shares photos on Instagram of himself on horseback, hunting, riding tractors, and more.

4. Allen has participated in rodeo events.

Allen was on the rodeo team in college. There are several photos of Allen bronc riding on his Instagram. Back in 2022, Allen revealed that he got back in the saddle on a bucking horse after some time away. “Been awhile and it didn’t go as planned but sure felt good to strap up again!” he wrote on Instagram.

Allen Foster
Allen Foster looks for love on ‘Farmer Wants A Wife.’ (FOX)

5. Allen is on Instagram.

Allen has an Instagram account with the handle @allwfrost. His profile gives a glimpse into his way of life. To be with Allen, you have to love that small-town life!