Haley Morales: 5 Things About Trending YouTube Star, 15

Some serious accusations are being thrown at Haley Morales on social media. Here's more to know about the rising YouTube star and influencer.

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haley morales
Image Credit: Haley Morales/Youtube

Haley Morales, 15, is a YouTube star who has more than 800,000 subscribers on her page. She began trending on Twitter on July 29 after facing very serious allegations by fans, which have not been confirmed. Haley said she is “deeply sorry for what has happened,” and tweeted that she “never meant to hurt ANYONE.” She also told fans that she thinks it’s “disgusting” that some of them told her to “kill [herself] knowing [she’s] suicidal.” Here is more to know about Haley as she continues to face these shocking accusations:

1. What are her YouTube videos about? Haley started her YouTube account as a makeup and beauty influencer. She often posts videos of makeup tutorials. However, there are also videos on her page of herself singing covers of songs and just filling fans in on her life. “I love making videos and making people feel happy,” her website says. “It also takes away the stress of my life and lets me be myself.” She films and edits all of her own videos herself.

2. She doesn’t attend traditional school. With a busy career as an online influencer, Haley has opted to take online high school classes, rather than attending a traditional school.

3. She had a number of hobbies throughout her childhood. Before becoming a YouTube star, Haley participated in gymnastics, vocal lessons, dance and beauty pageants over the years, she reveals on her website. She’s also dabbled in modeling.

4. She hopes to expand her influence outside of YouTube, as well. As Haley continues to gain popularity, she is hoping to “venture out into different areas of the entertainment and beauty industry,” she says.

5. She has lots of merchandise! Haley offers a ton of merch for her fans via her website. There’s t-shirts, hoodies, hats, cell phone cases, signed photos and more available.