Erick Morillo: 5 Things To Know About ‘I Like To Move It’ DJ Who Sadly Died At 49

Erick Morillo, famous for his hit tune 'I Like To Move It,' has died at the age of 49 years old. Here are five things to know about the award-winning DJ and music producer.

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The world of music lost one of its most memorable DJs and music producers. Erick Morillo was found dead on the morning of September 1 in Miami Beach. The circumstances of Erick’s passing are currently unclear. HollywoodLife learned that  from The Miami Beach Police Department, that they are “investigating the death of Mr. Erick A. Morillo.” The department received a 911 call at roughly 10:42 a.m. ET on the morning of September 1. “Detectives are currently on scene and in the preliminary stages of the investigation.” As more details of his passing continue to surface, here are five things to know about Erick Morillo.

1) Erick is best known for his ’90s hit ‘I Like To Move It.’ Erick reached incredible acclaim and fame for his track “I Like To Move It.” Recorded in 1993 and released in January 1994, Erick co-wrote and produced the song with Mark Quashie and vocals on the track were featured by Mark as well, going by the pseudonym The Mad Stuntman while Erick went by the name Reel to Real. The song appeared on the Billboard Hot 100 upon its release, and even garnered a top 10 spot on the US Dance Club Songs list from the outlet, as well. The song had a memorable resurgence when it was featured throughout the Madagascar animated film franchise.

erick morillo
DJ Erick Morillo arrives at the Grand Opening of the Marquee Nightclub inside the Cosmopolitan Hotel & Casino on Dec. 30, 2010 [AP].
2) He spent much of his childhood in Colombia. Erick lived in Cartagena, Colombia with his family for much of his pre-teen years. By 11, his family relocated to the United States, living near New York City. Erick grew up listening to music with pop, hip-hop and reggae roots. He started DJing for friends and family at the young age of 11.

3) He DJed throughout New York City. After taking a course at New York City’s Center for the Media Arts in studio engineering, Erick began DJing throughout the city in night clubs and lounges. Throughout his time DJing, he began collaborating with other artists he would meet. By the time “I Like To Move It” became an international hit, Erick was thrust into the spotlight and his global profile only grew from there.

Erick Morillo
DJ Erick Morillo at the 2017 Los Angeles Film Festival screening of ‘What We Started’ held at ArcLight Santa Monica on June 15, 2017 in Santa Monica [AP].
4) Erick received a number of awards for his work as a DJ. Between the years of 1998-2011, Erick was either nominated or won an honor for Best House DJ or Best International DJ. In total, Erick earned 15 nominations, winning a total of six honors for his talents — three for Best House DJ and another three for Best International DJ.

5) He was accused of sexual battery prior to his death. Before his shocking death at the age of 49, Erick was accused of sexual battery and was arrested on August 6 in Miami, according to WPLG Local 10. Law enforcement shared that Erick and his accuser were both DJing at a private party on Star Island before going back to Erick’s home for drinks. He made several sexual advances on the woman before she fell asleep, later waking up nude to find Erick also naked standing next to her. He initially denied the accusations, but a rape kit tested positive for Erick’s DNA. He later turned himself in with is attorney.