Cassidy Clark: 5 Things To Know About The ‘Survivor’ Season 43 Finalist

After a clutch immunity win at the final 6, Cassidy Clark is one of five contestants hoping to win $1 million on the season finale of 'Survivor.'

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Image Credit: Robert Voets/CBS

  • Cassidy Clark is one of the five finalists left heading into the season 43 finale of ‘Survivor.’
  • She has won two individual immunity challenges so far.
  • Cassidy was originally supposed to be on season 41 on ‘Survivor’ before COVID-19 hit.

Cassidy Clark is making a name for herself as the days wind down on season 43 of Survivor. She started out on the dominant Coco tribe, and played a low-key game at the beginning of the merge. In recent weeks, she and her former ally, Karla Cruz Godoy, have contemplated turning on each other to better their own games. Plus, Cassidy won two clutch immunity challenges to help keep her in the game without the protection of a hidden immunity idol.

Now, she is one of five players left hoping to win the $1 million prize during the Dec. 14 finale. Cassidy is going up against Karla, Owen Knight, Jesse Lopez and Mike Gabler. Learn more about the 26-year-old player below:

cassidy Clark
Cassidy in her promo photo for ‘Survivor.’ (Robert Voets/CBS)

1. What Does Cassidy Do?

Cassidy works as a fashion designer in Austin, Texas. She says she is a fan of “most forms of art” and enjoys “thrifting through your grandparent’s old clothes and knick knacks.” Cassidy graduated from Texas State University with a degree in Fashion Merchandising in 2020, according to her LinkedIn. She was a member of the Fashion Merchandising Association while in school.

2. Cassidy’s Sister Died Of An Overdose

Cassidy’s older sister, Catherine Clark, died of an accidental overdose in 2017. Cassidy wrote about the heartbreaking loss on Instagram. “I have never experienced such great sorrow in my life,” she shared. “Losing my only sister is like losing my heart, my mentor, my childhood. I don’t know how to sum up in words the emptiness I feel since you left this world, the ache of knowing that I did not get a chance to say goodbye, to remind you how dearly I love you.”

cassidy clark
Cassidy in the ‘Survivor’ finale. (CBS)

3. Cassidy Has 2 Brothers

In addition to her sister, Catherine, Cassidy also has two brothers. In an interview with Parade, she recalled watching Survivor with her family growing up, and then joining fantasy leagues with her brothers as she got older. “My brother and I still uphold the tradition of doing a big feast for Survivor finales, which is what we did when we were kids,” Cassidy shared. “We all auditioned together, so it’s been a real family experience for me.”

4. Cassidy Was Almost On Season 41 of ‘Survivor’

Season 43 was actually Cassidy’s second chance at being on Survivor. She told Parade that she went through the casting process for the show’s 41st season, and was even picked to be a member of the cast. She was a week away from leaving to film in 2020 when COVID-19 hit. “They ended up reworking the cast and I was taken off of it,” Cassidy recalled. “I didn’t know if I was going to have another chance to play. I actually had to reaudition and send in another video, go through the whole process again even to get my spot back here.”

5. Cassidy Is In A Relationship

Cassidy often posts photos with her boyfriend, Matthew Harrison, on Instagram. They met in August 2019 and seemingly started dating later that year.

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