Carmie Sellitto: 5 Things About Vlogger, 20, Who Said James Charles Made Him ‘Question’ His Sexuality

YouTuber Carmie Sellitto has made headlines for calling out James Charles amidst the makeup artist's feud with Tati Westbrook. Here's more to know about the 20-year-old vlogger.

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Tati Westbrook recently accused James Charles of trying to manipulate straight guys into thinking they might be gay, and Carmie Sellitto has now come forward with his own shocking story about the makeup-mogul. “James made me question myself,” Carmie admitted to Daily Mail. “He asked me, ‘Are you sure you aren’t gay or bi? Are you sure?'” James was first publicly put on blast by Tati in a tell-all Instagram video earlier this month, in which she slammed him for ‘betraying’ their friendship by promoting SugarBearHair supplements rather than her Halo Beauty supplement line. Since then, many others have come forward to shun James, including Carmie. Here’s more to know about the 20-year-old:

1. How did he know James? In his Daily Mail interview, Carmie explained that he first met James at an event in California in 2018. They spoke for about 30 minutes at the event, and Carmie claims James began contacting him via social media shortly afterward. “He kept telling me how I was the hottest guy he ever laid his eyes on,” Carmie alleged. “I told him I didn’t want to lead him on. I told him I wasn’t gay.” That’s when James started putting the pressure on Carmie, which made him question his sexuality, according to the British vlogger. Carmie said he made it clear he wasn’t interested, and James stopped contacting him.

2. He’s in a relationship. Carmie dates a fellow British YouTube star named Kate Elisabeth. They’ve been together since 2018 and often appear in one another’s videos.

3. How did he get his start? Carmie joined YouTube in January 2012 and posted his first video three days later. Since then, he’s been accumulating a steady stream of followers.

4. Does he have any siblings? Carmie has two sisters and is from Hampshire, England.

5. Where can you watch his videos? Carmie goes by the YouTube name ‘touchdalight’ and you can find his page here.

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