Adria Biles: 5 Things To Know About Simone Biles’ Sister On ‘Claim To Fame’

Adria Biles is still in the running to be the 'Claim to Fame' champion. Learn more about Simone Biles' younger sister.

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Adria Biles
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Adria Biles’ identity was revealed in the very first episode of Claim to Fame, but all the contestants haven’t caught on to the fact that Adria is Olympian Simone Biles’ sister. The 23-year-old is going by the name “Louise” on Claim to Fame to help conceal her true identity and keep her in the game.

So, who is Adria Biles? She may look like her older sister, but she’s ready to make a name for herself. Here’s what you need to know about Adria Biles.

Adria Biles
Adria Biles is a contestant on ‘Claim To Fame.’ (ABC)

1. Adria is Simone’s younger sister.

Adria is the youngest of Simone’s three siblings. Adria and Simone have two older siblings: Ashley, and Tevin. Adria spent time in foster care with Simone before they were adopted together by grandparents Ron and Nellie Biles. “I want people to not just know me as Simone Biles’ sister. My name is Adria Biles, and I’m here to prove it,” Adria said on Claim to Fame.

2. Adria used to be a gymnast, too.

Simone is one of the most decorated Olympic gymnasts of all time and recently received the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Turns out, gymnastics runs in the family. When Adria was a teenager, she was a gymnast like her older sister and competed at the junior level, according to a 2016 interview.

3. Adria is a dancer for the Houston Astros.

Adria is currently a member of the Houston Astros Shooting Stars dance team. The team is present at every home game at Minute Maid Park in Houston, Texas.

4. Adria is protective of her sister.

When Simone was unfairly criticized for prioritizing her mental health and pulled out of the women’s team final at the 2020 Summer Olympics, Adria took to Twitter to defend her sister. “Y’all are all about mental health until it no longer benefits you.. i can’t imagine being that inconsiderate WHEWWWW,” Adria tweeted.

Simone Biles
Simone Biles is Adria’s older sister. (Image Press Agency/NurPhoto/Shutterstock)

5. Adria often gets mistaken for Simone.

Simone and Adria definitely look like sisters, but Adria is several inches taller than her older sister. However, Adria admitted that fans have mistakenly thought she was Simone at times. “It’s been funny to watch her go from normal Simone to famous Simone. Even in Brazil, people came up to me every day thinking I was her,” Adria told ESPN in 2016. “They’d ask for autographs and take pictures. And many times they didn’t speak English so I couldn’t explain that I wasn’t her. They’d just say, ‘Simone! Simone!’ And finally I decided it was easier to just let them take a picture.”