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Nicolas Cage’s Wife: Learn More About The Actor’s Current Marriage & Past Loves Like Lisa Marie Presley

Nicolas Cage has been wed to Riko Shibata since 2021. But before he married Riko, he had wed high-profile women like Lisa Marie Presley and Patricia Arquette.

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  • Nicolas Cage is an actor, known for a variety of roles, including ‘Face/Off’ and ‘Leaving Las Vegas.’
  • Nicolas has been married five times to different women, including Patricia Arquette and Lisa Marie Presley.
  • His most recent marriage to Riko Shibata came in February 2021.

Nicolas Cage, 59, has been a critically-acclaimed and oft-memed actor throughout his career. He’s starred in many hit movies, which have been widely adored like Leaving Las Vegas, which he won an Oscar for, and Adaptation. He’s also starred in box office smashes like Face/Off and family adventure flicks like the National Treasure films.

Nicolas and Riko hold hands as they arrive for the ‘Renfield’ premiere. (Gregory Pace/Shutterstock)

Outside of his movies, Nic is certainly no stranger to heading to the altar. The A-list actor became a married man for the fifth time in February 2021, after he tied the knot with his girlfriend, Riko Shibata, 28, after one year dating. She’s supported him at many movie premieres since they got married. His most recent movie is the horror comedy Renfield, and of course, Riko accompanied him on the red carpet. But before Nicolas married Riko, he was married four other times. Here’s a look back at all of the women he’s wedded, and later divorced.

Riko Shibata

Nicolas and Riko hold hands at a premiere. (John Salangsang/Shutterstock)

Nicolas and Riko confirmed the exciting news that they’d gotten married on March 5, with a rep for the Oscar winner telling HollywoodLife that the pair were very happy.“On February 16, 2021, Nicolas Cage married twenty-six year old Riko Shibata in a very small and intimate wedding at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas. The date was chosen to honor the birthday of the groom’s late father.”

While the Leaving Las Vegas actor has been self-aware that he’s been married many times, he’s clearly self-aware, and he’s sworn that Riko is his last wife. “I am a romantic, and when I’m in love, I want to give that person everything I can,” he told GQ in a March 2022 interview. “It’s my expression of saying, ‘I love you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you.’ And this is it for me. I mean, this is not happening again. This is it. This is it.”


On January 6, 2022, it was revealed that Nicolas and Riko were expecting a baby together. Riko gave birth to a daughter named August in September 2022. “Nicolas and Riko are happy to announce the birth of their daughter,” a rep for the pair told People. “Mother and daughter are doing fine.”

Erika Koike


Nicolas was married to makeup artist Erika Koike for just four days in 2019. The pair dated for one year before they headed to the altar, however Nic requested an annulment just four days after they tied the knot. The actor claimed he was “too drunk” to get married, and that he “lacked understanding of his actions in marrying [Koike] to the extent that he was incapable of agreeing to the marriage,” per court documents obtained by The BlastIt was reported that she opposed the annulment, however the Oscar-winner was legally granted a divorce two months later. He opened up about the split in a 2019 interview with The New York Times Magazine. “There was a recent breakup, I don’t really want to talk about it. I was pretty upset about that and the way things happened,” he said at the time.

Alice Kim

alice kim

Nic’s longest relationship was to fellow actor Alice Kim, whom he was married to for 12 years. The couple, who share a 15-year-old son, tied the knot in 2004 and were together until their split in 2016. The pair reportedly met when a 19-year-old Alice was working as a waitress in Los Angeles — she was 20 years Nic’s junior. “When my mother-in-law came to the house for the first time, before even hello or nice to meet you, all I got was, ‘she too young!’ And so I knew this was going to be an uphill battle,” Nic told The Guardian in 2013. Nevertheless, they called it quits in 2016, but have remained on friendly terms.

Lisa Marie Presley

lisa marie

Nicolas was married to Elvis Presley‘s daughter Lisa Marie Presley, from 2002 to 2004. She opened up to Larry King in 2003, telling the TV host that she and Nic had “similar situations, similar backgrounds.” She added, “So we connected, we had a great connection. We were both a bit – we’re sort of these gypsy spirited, you know, tyrannical pirates. And one pirate marries another they will sink the ship basically is what it comes down to.” Lisa continued, “It was kind of one of those things where you marry someone hoping that you’re going to either stabilize it or it’s going to, you know, accentuate all that was going on prior to what was problematic. So it kind of did the latter, that’s all.” Much like Nic, Lisa has also been married multiple times, including to the late music icon Michael Jackson.

Patricia Arquette


Nicolas’ first marriage was to fellow A-lister Patricia Arquette. The pair infamously wed in a 10-minute ceremony in 1995, after first meeting in the late ’80s. Despite rumors the pair separated early on in their marriage, the actress later denied those claims. “There were times when we weren’t living together because we were fighting, but it wasn’t as reported and I didn’t feel that I needed to explain that,” she toldThe Telegraph in 2015. “There were times when my mom was dying [from breast cancer in 1997] and I was living with her, taking care of her. There were times when he was away working on a movie. It was our thing. I still don’t feel like I owe it to anyone. It’s funny when people are so wrong, and they put you in this position and decide who you are.” The couple divorced in 2001.