Queen Elizabeth Wearing Every Color Of The Rainbow — See Photos

Queen Elizabeth may have her royal responsibilities to attend to, but she always makes sure her colorful fashion is on-point, too!

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Queen Elizabeth, 92, has been around for decades to see fashion trends come and go – but her love of colorful, practical ensembles has remained true all these years later! The head of the British monarchy is known for her fashion, with her wearing variations of a brightly-colored coat and hat to attend to her royal duties. Beyond looking after her children, grandchildren, corgis, and the entire United Kingdom, the royal queen has shown through the years that her fashion is just as much a priority, too! While athleisure is all the rage lately, the queen has maintained a classic, evergreen, and feminine style throughout her royal career.

One of our favorite recent outfits of Queen Elizabeth’s reminded us of a familiar jewelry box! In Dec. 2018, Queen Elizabeth wore a stunning ensemble that looked straight out of a Tiffany & Co. store! Her teal-colored coat matched her hat of the same hue, with a black collar and blue gloves covering her hands. Queen Elizabeth’s coat was also decorated with a silver embellishment near her shoulder. The queen wore her signature black flats and handbag, and her floral dress with teal and purple tones peaked through underneath.

Queen Elizabeth got out of her car and acknowledged the man next to her as she wore her beautiful outfit. She walked confidently in her amazing outfit! Above, you can see the queen’s stunning hot pink outfit that she paired with an unexpected pop of red. Her pink coat had gold hardware on it for its buttoning – we absolutely loved that look as well.


We love that at nearly 100 years old, Queen Elizabeth is still out there working the fashion game! She continuously inspires us with her fashion choices, which are vibrant, fun, and totally fitting to her personality. She doesn’t wear anything that doesn’t work for her, and why would she? She’s the queen! She calls the shots, including her fashion, which gets a 10 out of 10 from us. Don’t forget to check out more of Queen Elizabeth’s colorful outfits – pink, purple, teal, and more – in the gallery, above.

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