‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ Season 5: New Cast Members & More You Need To Know

Many familiar faces will be joining the final season of 'The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.' Find out who's joining the show and more.

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Rachel Brosnahan
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  • The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel season 5 premieres on April 14.
  • New cast members include Gilmore Girls alums.
  • The final season will feature 9 episodes.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel will end with a fifth and final season. Midge Maisel is about to take one final bow, and she’s going to make this last act a memorable one. There will be a number of big names appearing in season 5, including Glee alum Darren Criss.

The official season 5 trailer was released on March 20. “I want a big life. I want to break every single rule there is,” Midge says in the trailer. The footage reveals a house fire, Handsome Man’s return, and a potential big break for Midge.

The series became an instant hit for Prime Video when it premiered on March 17, 2017. Over the course of the past 4 seasons, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel has racked up 20 Primetime Emmys, including Outstanding Comedy Series. According to Nielsen, the second season was more popular than the final season of House of Cards, which was one of Netflix’s most popular shows at the time.

Rachel Brosnahan
The official key art for ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ season 5. (Prime Video)

Several familiar faces will be returning for the fifth and final season, which will likely be released sooner than you think. From what we know about the plot to the premiere date, HollywoodLife has the hot goss about all things regarding Mrs. Maisel season 5.

Mrs. Maisel Season 5 Release Date

Mrs. Maisel season 5 will premiere on April 14, 2023. The final season will kick off with a 3-episode premiere followed by new episodes weekly. The series finale will premiere on May 26. The first teaser for Mrs. Maisel season 5 was released on March 2 and revealed the premiere date.

The fourth season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel debuted on February 18, 2022, more than two years after season 3 dropped in December 2019. Season 4 production was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The show didn’t film at all in 2020 but kicked off filming in January 2021.

Prime Video announced on February 17, 2022, the day before Mrs. Maisel season 4 premiered, that the hit series had been greenlit for a fifth and final season. The streaming service revealed that production for season 5 was already underway, starting in February 2022.

Rachel Brosnahan
Rachel Brosnahan and Alex Borstein in season 5. (Courtesy of Prime Video/Philippe Antonello)

“Amy, Dan, and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel have blazed an unparalleled path, elevating the stories we tell about women, challenging the norms in our industry, and forever altering the entertainment landscape with their one-of-a-kind storytelling,” said Jennifer Salke, head of Amazon Studios. “The dozens of awards cement Maisel’s legacy in many ways, but what’s even more enduring and poignant are the characters Amy created and the joyous, brilliant, singular world she and Dan brought to life. This series has meant so much to Prime Video and the effects of its success will be felt long after its final season. I can’t wait for fans and our worldwide Prime Video audience to savor each moment as we embark on the culmination of this groundbreaking and unforgettable series.”

Mrs. Maisel Season 5 Cast

All of your favorite Mrs. Maisel stars are expected to be back for season 5: Rachel Brosnahan as Midge Maisel, Alex Borstein as Susie Myerson, Tony Shalhoub as Abe Maisel, Marin Hinkle as Rose Maisel, Michael Zegen as Joel Maisel, Kevin Pollack as Moishe Maisel, Caroline Aaron as Shirley Maisel, and Luke Kirby as Lenny Bruce. Reid Scott, who played late-night talk show host Gordon Ford in season 4, will be a series regular in season 5.

Gilmore Girls alum Kelly Bishop, Alfie Fuller, and Jason Ralph will also be series regulars in the fifth and final season. Kelly plays Benedetta in the Prime Video series, while Alfie plays Dinah Rutledge. Jason, who also happens to be Rachel’s real-life husband, will have a more prominent role in season 4 as TV booker Mike Carr.

On April 6, EW reported that a number of major names will be featured in the final season. Guest stars will include Sutton Foster, Darren Criss, Hank Azaria, Danny Strong, and Sean Gunn. Danny and Sean notably appeared in Gilmore Girls.

Foster has an enduring connection to the writer. She recorded “I Enjoy Being a Girl” for season 3 of Mrs. Maisel and also starred in Sherman-Palladino’s Bunheads. Both Strong and Gunn appeared on Gilmore Girls.

Rachel Brosnahan
Rachel Brosnahan and Milo Ventimiglia on the set of ‘Mrs. Maisel’ season 5. (Jose Perez / SplashNews)

Fresh off his 6-season run on This Is Us, Gilmore Girls alum Milo Ventimiglia will return as the “Handsome Man” in Mrs. Maisel season 5. He’s been spotted on set in New York City filming with Rachel since season 5 production started.

“We will see a nice, more extensive Part 2 to ‘Milo and Rachel,’” Dan Palladino told TVLine in May 2022. He also added, “Yes, we’ll find out his name.”

The same day as the final season news was announced, Rachel posted an Instagram message about the final season of Maisel. “A few days ago we started shooting Season 5 (!) of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. It’s bittersweet,” she wrote. “The band is back together again and we can’t wait to share season 4 with you starting tomorrow…it’s also going to be our last rodeo. Rest assured our tits are up and it’s going to be a hell of a final chapter. Stay tuned.”

Alex also shared a touching message along with a photo of her with creator Amy Sherman-Palladino. “It’s official, folks. We have begun shooting our 5th and final season of #mrsmaisel… And I will spend the rest of my days following this woman right into both of our graves. We may even share one, who knows?”

On October 13, 2022, Rachel shared photos of the cast together on the day of their final table read. “From first table read to last…many many feelings. Gratitude most of all. A few more weeks of lasts to come so forgive me in advance for the next few weeks of sappy @MaiselTV love. We can’t wait to share this one with you all,” the actress tweeted.

Her photos included a glimpse of her script for the series finale. Rachel also posted photos of the cast, including a selfie featuring herself, Alex, Michael, Tony, Luke, Marin, and Kevin.

Rachel finished filming The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on November 5, 2022. “That’s a series wrap on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. This thing was lightning in a bottle. A cast, a crew and creators who got to time travel for 5 years together. It changed my life. I’m eternally grateful. I’ll have more words later, but for now… Thank you and goodnight,” she wrote on Instagram.

Caroline and Marin admitted to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY in February 2022 that they were “really sad” that the show is ending. “It’s going to be a process of disengaging because I know everyone says this, but this time it’s really true. We really like each other. We really, really like each other. Every time we scatter, I still have a longing for everybody to come back together. I think it will not only be hard to let go of the characters, it’ll be hard to let go of each other,” Caroline said.

Marin added, “I really can’t say goodbye to this family. We really traveled the world. We’ve gone to Paris, we’ve gone to Miami, or we’ve gone to Europe and sometimes done tours with each other to do publicity. At the end of the day, it isn’t let’s go back to the hotel room and say goodbye. It’s where do we go out with each other and have a meal? That isn’t necessarily always the case, but we really, really love each other like family.”

Kevin Pollak, who plays Moishe Maisel in the series, raved about how Rachel conducts herself on set. “She’s a mother hen. She’s the best with the little ones, and us, too, making sure everyone is having a good day,” he told Town & Country. “You know that saying, ‘The fish stinks from the head’? In this case the fish smells beautiful… What makes her so flawless is she’s treating standup like a dramatic piece, making it real and not trying to make it funny. That great dramatic work is why she’s so great on the show.”

What Will Mrs. Maisel Season 5 Be About?

Rachel Brosnahan
Rachel Brosnahan in the key art for ‘Mrs. Maisel’ season 5. (Prime Video)

The official season 5 synopsis reads: “After burning bridges and being cut from tour, Midge Maisel persisted through Season Four, rebuilding her career and reputation. The final moments of the season culminated with Midge leaving Carnegie Hall reinvigorated and ready to weather any blizzard. After an epiphany in front of The Gordon Ford Show’s snowy billboard, Midge is ready to ‘go forward’ and fight for her ascent to stardom—equipped with her quick wit and sharp tongue, and nothing else to lose. In the fifth and final season, Midge finds herself closer than ever to the success she’s dreamed of, only to discover that closer than ever is still so far away.”

The press release also revealed that Amy Sherman-Palladino and Daniel Palladino have “exactly” known the series’ “last images” and “last moment” since the season 4 finale. When the Palladinos have a vision, they will make sure to see it through.

“As much as this was a show about Midge’s journey, it was equally in our minds a show about the two of them,” Amy told EW for the show’s final cover story. “It’s about two women — at a time when women were not expected to be ambitious or powerful or vocal — who find each other. Two women who never would’ve been friends in a million years if they had passed each other on the street, but who saw something in each other.”

In September 2022, Rachel revealed to Laverne Cox on E!’s Live from the Red Carpet special that she had “absolutely had no idea” how the season was going to end. “I have no idea where we’re headed and I’m terrified and excited. I know it’s gonna be amazing. These guys will know how to land it,” she said. Rachel was able to tease they were two episodes away from the series finale and that the final season was “getting really juicy.”

Rachel Brosnahan
Rachel Brosnahan and Luke Kirby in season 5. (Courtesy of Prime Video/Philippe Antonello)

Get ready to see more of Midge and Lenny in the final season. “Luke and I just love working together so much. We’ve had scene after scene together that’s just dreamy. So, more to come,” Rachel said in an April 2022 interview with Collider. “We trust completely that we are in the same fantastic hands and capable hands that we always have been, in Amy and Dan. They know when their story should come to a close and how to bring us home. And so, we’re just excited to keep receiving the final scripts. … It’s definitely bittersweet, but it’s mostly sweet.”

Season 5 will also continue to explore Midge’s journey to comedy stardom. “As with the rest of the show, it’s more about the journey and how we get there… We’re definitely going to watch Midge’s star rise,” she told Extra. She also teased that “things might get a little athletic for us — not in a sexual way, in a literally athletic way — in this season.”

Rachel Brosnahan
Rachel Brosnahan filming season 5 with Michael Zegen. (SteveSands/NewYorkNewswire/MEGA)

Why Mrs. Maisel Is Ending

Amy Sherman-Palladino and Dan Palladino, the team behind Mrs. Maisel, opened up about ending the show with season 5. Turns out, Amy and Dan didn’t always have a set “endpoint” for the show.

“When you start out, you have an ‘I hope we get a second year’ game plan. You never know,” Dan told The Hollywood Reporter. “You sort of build a series. We’re always looking ahead when we come up with stories and, when we break a season, we’re always looking to where we could go. We always had a general endpoint in mind for the series, but it was somewhere at four or five or six or something like that. And it just seemed to fit in season 5.”

Alex Borstein
Alex Borstein as Susie Myerson. (Prime Video)

Amy, who created the series and is an executive producer alongside her husband, admitted that the stakes are high in terms of making sure the show goes out on a high note.

“The point of anything is to stick the landing, no matter what, so I don’t know that it ups the game any more than it would have upped the game if we could have gone 6 or 7 seasons,” Amy told THR. “When it came down to five and out, we sat down and said, ‘OK, now what do we do to make sure that we stick the landing?’ Because that’s the most important thing. We’ve invested so much time and energy and resources in these people and their journeys, the bar is just making sure that we put this cast through what we put them through and made them work as hard as they did, and that they get to come out of this feeling like they’ve made a good journey, and that their characters have traveled and ended someplace of worth.”

When asked about a reboot, Amy didn’t seem too keen on the idea. “I think it’s too early to think about anything — I don’t know about a reboot, I don’t know why we would do that, but I don’t know,” she said. “For the rest of our lives, we’ll want to be in the same room with this cast and this crew. But whether or not that’s at a bar or there’s a camera running, I have no idea.”

Amy stressed in her EW interview that “we’re going to land the plane” with it comes to how the show will end. Maisel’s ending is one they came up with before the pilot was shot. “You’re going to see a rapid acceleration of Midge and Susie’s journey,” she also noted.

Alex added, “Season 5 tests this relationship tremendously. They stumble. Marriage ain’t easy, and this one is certainly not immune to a lot of the trouble. Whether that means they’re going to be working together forever, I don’t know. But they have to be a part of each other’s lives forever in some regard.”

Rachel continued, “They’re both going to be pushed and stretched in ways that they can’t imagine. Sometimes they do their best work out the other side of a big blowup between the two of them. We can certainly expect the roller coaster to continue. But ultimately, it’s the two of them at the end of the day.”

As for what the final four words of the series finale will be, Amy told TVLine, “I don’t know exactly what the final four words are. But I know exactly what the last images are.” Dan added, “We know the last moment.”

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel season five began filming in February 2022. As of September 2022, the show was still filming the final season. Prime Video hasn’t revealed how many episodes the final season will have, but it will likely be 8 episodes as the previous 3 out of 4 seasons have had. When it comes to a release date, nothing has been confirmed, but the fifth and final season will probably debut in 2023.